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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Reclaiming "Disused" Buildings

Reclaiming 'Disused' Buildings Refurbishing "disused" structures has always been an exercise in expression for architects. But expression has taken on an entirely new meaning for urban planner and artist Candy Chang. Her bold approach to renovation has transformed some of New Orleans' abandoned commercial structures into an artist's canvas for her personal philosophy that life is brief and dreams shouldn't be delayed. She commissioned one side of an abandoned building to be coated with chalkboard paint upon which she she's repeatedly stenciled the phrase, "Before I die I want to _________." People are invited to fill in the blank with colored chalk.

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FRP Composites: Ideal Structural Alternatives
Strongwell Corporation

FRP Composites: Ideal Structural Alternatives Materials such as steel, aluminum, and wood are well known and widely used by engineers and architects. Generally these work, but in many applications, deficiencies exist like corrosion, safety concerns, fabrication difficulties, and interference with radio waves.

FRP composites have a number of significant advantages over steel, aluminum, and wood. Learn more.

Tough Wrenches from Wright Tool
Wright Tool

Tough Wrenches from Wright Tool Wright Tool wrenches feature patented Wright Drive® and WrightGrip™, providing more torque with less fastener damage. Satin and full polish sets; adjustable and striking wrenches; size ranges of 5/32 in. to 4 in. SAE and 4 mm to 80 mm Metric. Ideal for applications ranging from standard nuts and bolts to aerospace fasteners.

Pioneering Safety Standards for Elevator Suspensions
ASME Standards and Certification

Pioneering Safety Standards for Elevator Suspensions ASME's all-new A17.6-2010 Safety Standard for Elevator Suspension, Compensation and Governor Systems is the first worldwide for these critical components. It addresses three technologies — steel wire ropes, aramid fiber ropes, and non-circular elastomeric coated steel suspension members — while covering material properties, design, testing, inspection, and replacement. Visit us here for more.

Measurement and Regulation Buildings

Parkline, Inc.

Measurement and Regulation Buildings Parkline specializes in the production of long-lasting, high-quality buildings for the natural gas industry. From the non-combustible, heavy-gauge steel framework to the wide variety of design loads and sizes, Parkline has the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot and deliver enclosures that are specifically suited for the natural gas industry.

New Tools for Building . . .
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Waterproof, Drop-proof, High Definition Wireless VideoScopes Introduced
Extech Instruments Corp.

Waterproof, Drop-proof, High Definition Wireless VideoScopes Introduced Designed for use in practically any environment, Extech's durable new HDV600 hi-def borescope camera series features a bright 5.7 in. (145 mm) color display for bright outdoor sites or poorly lit facilities.

Optics include 4 mm-6 mm LED-illuminated camera probes and SD memory will store 15,000 JPEGs or video, plus audio annotations. Glove-friendly controller handsets with 320˚ articulated probes and wireless connectivity (10 m range) simplify inspections.

Now, professionals can enjoy ruggedness, upgradeable versatility, and high-definition clarity without compromises. Learn more...

Building Projects . . .
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London Renovation Features Stacked Cassettes

London Renovation Features Stacked Cassettes Program specific space was the key concept behind the recent renovation of KPMG's (Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates') headquarters at 15 Canada Square, London. Designers revamped the 15-story interior atrium with multiple three-story "cassettes" that rise up along the building's southwest corner. While these new spaces are intended to house client reception, education programs, and more, other new atrium features include a coffee bar situated before the security check-point. Learn more from this slide show.

From Mining Pit to Green Buildings

From Mining Pit to Green Buildings It's only fitting that concrete is the major material used in the construction of Washington State's Pierce County Environmental Services Division building. The structure stands on the site of an abandoned gravel pit, which once supplied some of the best concrete aggregate on the globe. With mining operations completed, a 50-year site plan calls for more green-minded buildings like "Environmental Services," which boasts such features as extensive use of natural light and a raised-floor air distribution system.

Tools & Equipment . . .
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Tool Giant Grinds Out a Revolution

Tool Giant Grinds Out a Revolution Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. has just introduced an angle grinder line that features a new motor offering up to three times the durability of older motors and 50% more power and torque. As this video demonstration proves, the new tool can grind through a quarter-inch steel plate in about half the time of competing tools. The new line gives you a choice of 18 models.

Hydraulic Horsepower Adds Muscle to Digger

Hydraulic Horsepower Adds Muscle to Digger When it comes to excavation might, a newly engineered hydraulic excavator can dig up more dirt than its successors and do it with more power and fuel efficiency, according to Caterpillar. Equipped with a new 396-hp engine that runs on "ultra-low-sulphur" diesel fuel or a 20% biodiesel blend, this new dirt mover features a Tier 4 Interim-approved clean emissions module. Other features include: electric boom regeneration valve and an engine idle shutdown setting.

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EJWT: Dual Voltage Percentage Timer

NSI Industries LLC

EJWT: Dual Voltage Percentage Timer TORK's EJWT has 960 time combinations with two dials. Cycle Time Dial sets 32 repeating cycles: 15 seconds to 24 hours. Percentage ON Dial has 32 steps from 0% to 100%. It also has repeat cycle as long as power is applied.

Watch Acoustiblok's Amazing Soundproofing Demonstration
Acoustiblok, Inc.

Watch Acoustiblok's Amazing Soundproofing Demonstration Watch how Acoustiblok® eliminates noise immediately by viewing our demonstration video! Acoustiblok® material reduces more sound than 12 in. of poured concrete in a wall assembly! Acoustifence® is an industrial grade outdoor sound barrier! QuietFiber® and our All Weather Sound Panels absorb sound across dozens of applications by blocking and absorbing sound.

Easy-to-Install Overfloor Raceway

Easy-to-Install Overfloor Raceway OFR Series Overfloor Raceway System from Legrand/Wiremold is designed for relocatable or permanent installations where access through floors and ceilings is not an option. This ADA-compliant system provides four channels for power, communications, and A/V connectivity. It attaches directly to floor covering, including carpet, tile, and wood. Learn more.

High Performance Transformers for Buildings
Mirus International, Inc.

High Performance Transformers for Buildings Unlike conventional Energy Star transformers, which are only optimized for high efficiency under light loads (35%) and linear loading (60 Hz), MIRUS High Performance Transformers (HPTs) maintain their high efficiency under both linear and non-linear loading over the practical range of 35% to 65% load.

Materials & Hardware . . .
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Resin Rapidly Repairs Runways

Resin Rapidly Repairs Runways Concrete might be one of the most durable construction materials, but it can be prone to cracking as it ages. For repair work, there's a new high molecular weight methacrylate (HMWM) resin that boasts an easy, four-step preparation procedure and rapid curing for less downtime. The material is so dependable, claims the vendor, that it is an ideal repair choice for airport runways. Learn more from this video.

Roof-light System Shines Bright

Roof-light System Shines Bright A new roof-light system combines advances in glazing technology with superior insulating construction materials, claims Brett Martin Daylight Systems. With commercial energy requirements and codes becoming more stringent the globe over, the translucent, silica-based double-glazing system claims to be 95% "air held," thanks to its "nano-sized" pores. The result is a product that offers superlative thermal daylighting efficiency, according to the vendor.

Environment & Energy . . .
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Wood Makes Good Eco-sense

Wood Makes Good Eco-sense Healthy forests help offset climate change because trees absorb carbon dioxide. But does that mean we should leave the forests alone and build only with concrete and steel? Not so, says a recent study from the University of Washington. As the researchers explain it, wood buildings are storehouses of carbon, while the production of concrete and steel buildings adds to harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

"Redux" Wallcovering: A Breath of Fresh Air

'Redux' Wallcovering: A Breath of Fresh Air Said to contribute to better IAQ (interior air quality), a new commercial grade of plastic-free wall-covering is also mold and mildew resistant, according to the vendor. What's more, 31% of its composition is "post-consumer recycled materials." Customers can also take advantage of a material reclamation program in which waste material can be returned to the manufacturer for reuse.

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Electrical Switchgear for Primary Distribution

Electrical Switchgear for Primary Distribution Ormazabal has a complete range of primary distribution products, made up of gas insulated switchgear (GIS-type), air-insulated switchgear, and withdrawable circuit breakers.

Fire Alarm Control Panel Gateways
Sierra Monitor Corporation

Fire Alarm Control Panel Gateways FieldServer Technologies, a division of Sierra Monitor Corporation, is the major producer of gateways used in the fire alarm industry to interface Fire Alarm Control Panels to Building Automation Systems.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Get Set for Greenbuild 2011

Get Set for Greenbuild 2011 For the first time since its inception, a traditionally U.S.-based event, Greeenbuild, will take place in Canada this year, October 4-7. Toronto's International Conference and Expo Center will host the event, the eco-brainchild of the U.S. Green Building Council. Billed as the largest indoor showcase of innovative sustainable technology, the expo promises to attract a global audience of building and design professionals — and a full slate of expert speakers.

Diversions . . .
Apps for Foreign Travel

Apps for Foreign Travel Successful building and design professionals can sometimes find themselves working at a foreign locale for months at a time. How are you going to acclimate yourself to what can be some deep cultural differences? A variety of apps for your smartphone will give you a better understanding of your destination. From translating clothing size to ordering the right menu items, rest assured "there's an app for that."

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Sustainable Design: It's Still too Vague

"Sustainability" is a term that environmentalists — and the general public — have been tossing around for more than a decade. Yet some critics believe the term is too vague and needs a more concrete definition, expecially when it comes to design and construction projects. What's your view?

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