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GlobalSpec: Electronic Product Design
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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Easing the Way to MCU Design Success

Easing the Way to MCU Design Success To bundle the power of microcontrollers with real-time operating systems (RTOS), embedded software solution provider Micrium has partnered with Renesas Electronics America. Under the deal, developers of Renesas' flagship RX or RL78 MCUs can get a complimentary, single production license for Micrium's real-time deterministic multi-tasking kernel (RTOS) and middleware (TCP/IP, USB, File System and others) along with one year of maintenance and support from Micrium.

AutoBuzz — JTAG/boundary-scan Tool
for debug

JTAG Technologies Inc.
New Linear 1W/2W Amplifiers for 3G/4G

TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.

AutoBuzz — JTAG/boundary-scan Tool for debug AutoBuzz is a software tool that uses a unique 'seek and discover' feature to scan completely a compliant design and then perform comparative tests using JTAG/boundary-scan. It only uses JTAG scan-chain information plus BSDL models of the JTAG/IEEE std 1149.1 compliant parts.

New Linear 1W/2W Amplifiers for 3G/4G TriQuint's new (1W) TQP7M9105 and (2W) TQP7M9106 RF driver amplifiers deliver the highest linearity for GSM/CDMA/WCDMA and LTE base transceiver stations. Their broad bandwidth and high performance make them ideal for applications between 50-1500 MHz. These rugged, integrated amplifiers also provide protection against RF input overdrive, DC overvoltage, and ESD.

Industry's First Shapeable LED Backlight
Electronic Product Development Services
Stilwell Baker, Inc.

Industry's First Shapeable LED Backlight QuantumBrite™ Shapeable LED Backlight provide unprecedented design flexibility in a wide variety of low-light applications. This ultra-thin LED backlight offers a height of 0.125 mm (0.125% thicker than a standard piece of writing paper). Holes can be cut into the backlight in virtually any shape and will illuminated at 100% functionality.

Electronic Product Development Services Based in the U.S. since 1993, Stilwell Baker specializes in end-to-end electronic product development. Our services include electronic and electro-mechanical engineering, PCB/PCA design, firmware/software development, prototyping, U.S. manufacturing, packaging, certification, regulatory compliance testing, and ongoing manufacturing support. Learn how Stilwell Baker can help with your next project.

EDA . . .
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SPICE-ing Up Mixed-signal Design Flow

SPICE-ing Up Mixed-signal Design Flow Tanner EDA's version 15.23 of analog and mixed-signal design suite HiPer Silicon includes HiPer Simulation Analog FastSPICE (AFS) to give designers added capabilities for front-end design flow, including schematic capture, dual circuit simulators, and waveform probing. To bolster the design flow, Tanner AFS (T-AFS) integrates the Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE platform with Tanner EDA's S-Edit schematic capture and W-Edit waveform analyzer.

Litho Checker Certified for TSMC 20 nm

Litho Checker Certified for TSMC 20 nm Process Pre-tapeout lithography checking has been an industry best practice since the advent of 40 nm and 28 nm processes. It is now being extended to the advanced 20 nm process by Mentor Graphics' Calibre Litho Friendly Design (LFD) signoff, which has been certified by TSMC for its 20 nm IC manufacturing process.

DSP, SoC, Programmable Logic . . .
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AMD to Transform into SoC Company

AMD to Transform into SoC Company Advanced Micro Devices has formed a Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) group that will help the CPU manufacturer transform into a system-on-chip (SoC) company. According to a report in EETimes, HSA is developing the first draft of an applications programming interface (API) that will facilitate merging graphics, x86 and other cores on SoC chips. To support its SoC work, the company is also enhancing its EDA flows and design methodologies.

Era of Programmable SoCs

Era of Programmable SoCs Using Xilinx's ARM-based Zynq-7000 all-programmable SoC, Xilinx Alliance Program member OmniTek has released a broadcast development kit to enable broadcast gear OEMs to combine their own hardware and software IP with this high-performance, reprogrammable video processing platform. The platform gives broadcast equipment OEMs unprecedented capabilities for developing next-generation video solutions.

JAE DD1/DD2 Series

Heilind Electronics, Inc.
Ramp Your Products Faster with Our MCU

Season Group

JAE DD1/DD2 Series JAE developed a 0.5 mm pitch "DD1 and DD2 series" interface connectors conforming to USB 2.0, the standard for high-speed serial transmission. Features: cable I/O, R/A dock options; 75 degree dock configurations; 30 and 40 positions; 10,000 mating cycles; robust and compact design. Contact Heilind Electronics at 877-683-6723; or here.

Ramp Your Products Faster with Our MCU Product Season ( can ramp products faster by leveraging existing 32-bit MCU (STL-3100), based on Freescale ColdFire+ Series controller, an extremely low-cost solution, and ready-to-use. Supports MQX 10.2, Micro USB 2.0 connector, 10 programmable switches, LCD display (optional). Applications: building controls, factory automation, smart metering, and motor control.

Power Sources & Conversion . . .
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Digital DC/DC Dynamically Self-optimizes

Digital DC/DC Dynamically Self-optimizes Targeting distributed power architecture applications, CUI Inc.'s second-generation digital point-of-load (POL) DC/DC series NDM2P offers true cycle-by-cycle compensation, autonomously balancing the trade-offs between dynamic performance and system stability. With its self-compensation feature, the module is able to set optimum stability dynamically in real-time as conditions change.

Wall Mount PoE Injector with 48 V Supply

Wall Mount PoE Injector with 48 V Supply With built-in 48 V DC, 24 W supply, L-Com's HyperLink all-in-one Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injector/midspan PSW4824-POE simplifies PoE setup by eliminating the need for a separate power supply. It is compatible with access points and other equipments supporting the IEEE standard PoE pinout and the 48 V DC power requirement.

Mechatronics . . .
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Germany's MEMS Foundry X-FAB Goes 3D

Germany's MEMS Foundry X-FAB Goes 3D Germany's MEMS foundry X-FAB Silicon Foundries has announced the availability of the industry's first open-platform MEMS 3D inertial sensor process. The 3D inertial sensor process complements X-FAB's established 1D/2D inertial sensor, pressure sensor and infra-red thermopile open-platform processes, and its ready-made IP blocks for 2 G, 10 G, and 100 G accelerometers.

MCU Development Board Includes MEMS

MCU Development Board Includes MEMS Sensors STMicroelectronics has released a new STM32 F3 microcontroller development kit with on-board MEMS sensors (gyroscope and e-compass) offering nine degrees of freedom to enable competitively priced sensor-fusion applications like attitude heading reference systems (AHRS). The MEMS devices on-board the SMT32 F3 Discovery Kit are the 3-axis digital gyroscope L3GD20 and 6-axis geomagnetic module LSM303DLHC.

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MS Digital Multimeter Shunt to 50 A
Precision Resistor Co., Inc.
Titan's Miniature Diamond Files
Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

MS Digital Multimeter Shunt to 50 A The MS-40 allows engineers to easily plug in to most D.C. digital multimeters, indicating accurate current measurements up to 50 A across a temperature span from -65°C to +275°C. Increasing the capability by enabling D.C. readings from voltage only meters effectively converting a voltage meter to an ampere meter.

Titan's Miniature Diamond Files Ideal for machine or hand use, miniature diamond files from Titan Tool Supply now has the same price for any grit depending on profile.They will fit all high-speed reciprocating hand pieces whether air-powered, flexible shaft, or for new ultrasonic machines.

Register Today! Register Today! GlobalSpec's Solar Energy Online Event — October 17, 2012
GlobalSpec's Solar Energy Online Event — October 17, 2012

Register Today! GlobalSpec's Solar Energy Online Event — October 17, 2012 Join your peers and leading manufacturers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE conference and trade show — right from the convenience of your desktop. Participate in any or all of the educational sessions including IHS' presentation, "North American Solar Outlook" and more. Spend time networking with peers and meet with exhibiting manufacturers eager to showcase their latest products, services and technologies. Register today! Attend and interact to be eligible to win an IPad.

Industry Standards . . .
Standard for Inspecting MLCCs
IPC Standard for Visual Inspection of PCBs

Standard for Inspecting MLCCsEIA-595 covers the general industry inspection requirements for multilayer ceramic chip capacitors. According to the standard, devices selected for inspection may be examined under 10 to 20 power magnification to determine compliance with the requirements specified. Increased magnification may be used when negotiated between the manufacturer and the user/buyer.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

IPC Standard for Visual Inspection of PCBsAvailable now from IHS, IPC-A-610 presents acceptance requirements for the manufacture of electrical and electronic assemblies. The visual standards in this document reflect the requirements of existing IPC and other applicable specifications. For a more complete understanding of this document's requirements, one may use this document in conjunction with IPC-HDBK-001, IPC-AJ-820, and IPC J-STD-001.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

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