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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Solid Fuel Cells Best Batteries

Solid Fuel Cells Best Batteries Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are much like batteries, except that instead of discharging, they continue to produce power as long as fuel is supplied. Recent developments are powering SOFC efficiencies toward 60% (compared to 18% for small combustion engines), reports One approach is to combine methane fuel with steam outside the SOFC, with exhaust heat contributing to steam generation. Other research indicates that thin film materials may endow SOFCs with some storage capabilities. Finally, a triple combined cycle system that includes a gas turbine, steam turbine, and heat recovery steam generator may push total efficiency past 70%.

Avoid Unnecessary Engineering and Installation Hours with Quick Guard Sections
ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems
Glass-to-Metal Hermetic Feedthroughs


Avoid Unnecessary Engineering and Installation Hours with Quick Guard Sections Quick Guard Safety Fencing sections by ABB Jokab Safety help eliminate extra engineering and installation hours by providing a quick and easy solution for your machine safety needs. Quick Guard sections come in multiple styles, heights, and widths.

Glass-to-Metal Hermetic Feedthroughs Fusite is a global leader in the design, development, and production of precision glass-to-metal hermetic seals. Fusite produces custom feedthroughs and connectors for demanding customer applications such as aerospace communication, process instrumentation, pressure and temperature sensing, air-conditioning compressor terminals, and many more. Contact one of Fusite's five global facilities today, or visit

Web Design Tool and Catalog Simplify
Magnetic Component Selection

120 W — 160 W Desktop Power Supplies

Condor Electronics, Inc.

Web Design Tool and Catalog Simplify Magnetic Component Selection The Datatronics' MagNETics Online Design Tool helps designers select high-performance magnetics for a wide range of circuits. Our Magnetics Selection Guide and Short Form Catalog is the faster way to specify switching, high-voltage, and telecom transformers; RF magnetics; power inductors; LAN modules and filters; and delay lines.

120W — 160W Desktop Power Supplies Powering up your application is made easier with Condor Electronics. Our 120-160 Watt desktop power supplies have small foot prints, voltages ranging from 12 VDC to 48 VDC, and custom design options. Each power supply is RoHS compliant and meets Level V Energy Efficiency standards. Contact Condor Electronics today for more information.

Power Generation, Distribution & Protection . . .
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Aerial Bundled Cables Beat Bare Conductors

Aerial Bundled Cables Beat Bare Conductors Aerial bundled cables (ABC) offer advantages over traditional bare overhead conductors, such as fitting into a narrower right-of-way, and preventing arcing due to foliage and animals. One utility in Malaysia took advantage of the technology beginning in the 1990s, and recounts how ABC design improvements over the years are leading to better reliability and economy.

Grid Batteries Cut Power Costs

Grid Batteries Cut Power Costs After a California onion processor had installed a waste-to-energy digester, they took the next step of implementing a 600 kW (3.6 MWh) vanadium redox battery (VRB) grid-scale storage system. The VRB is scaleable by simply adding more battery modules or electrolyte, and says the technology allows users to minimize unfavorable time-of-use power rates.

Connectors & Relays . . .
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Connector Shrugs Off Shaking

Connector Shrugs Off Shaking	Wind turbine connectors need to withstand high-vibration and expansion/contraction conditions, and this flexible braid grounding connector is up to the task. Manufactured in numerous sizes, it also provides features such as rounded edges to prevent chafing. says the connectors are also suitable for moving part connections in generators, switchgear, and substations.

Quick Disconnects Cut Labor

Quick Disconnects Cut Labor Classic wiring methods are materials- and labor-intensive, requiring conduits and conductors to be home-run back to termination panels. A wide variety of quick disconnect connectors and associated components are available to handle any environment, meaning your next project could go "enclosure-less." This white paper outlines the many benefits of a connectorized installation.

Get a Complimentary Trial of the IEEE Xplore®
Digital Library

IEEE — Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers, Inc.
Manual 4 KVA AC Power Source

Associated Power Technologies, Inc.

Get a Free Trial of the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library  The IEEE Xplore Digital Library provides instant, full-text access to all IEEE journal articles, conference papers, and standards — all the cutting-edge research in all aspects of technology. Get a complimentary trial for your company.

Manual 4 KVA AC Power Source The 5040 provides a variable output voltage from 0-300 V and output frequencies from 40-450 Hz. The input voltage is 208 with an input frequency from 47-500 Hz. The 5040 comes complete with 4 LED displays to easily monitor voltage, current, frequency, and power or power factor simultaneously. Learn more

Sensors, RFID & Passive Components . . .
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Pumped Up Monitoring

Pumped Up Monitoring Pumps and associated components are common and expensive equipment, but if they are operating without appropriate instrumentation, they will be inefficient and unprotected. explores a variety of industrial sensor technologies, wired and wireless, that will allow users to operate the equipment at optimum performance and keep it out of damaging "dead-head" and "dry running" conditions.

Wireless Monitoring Cuts Maintenance

Wireless Monitoring Cuts Maintenance FAA regulations require that utility transmission towers be provided with warning lights, but the towers are often in hard-to-access locations, making maintenance difficult. This Electric Light & Power article looks at how one utility implemented a cost-effective, low-power wireless solution to monitor the lights remotely over a distance of many miles, even in this tough electromagnetic environment.

Electrical Design & Applications . . .
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Laser Beam Transmits Power Wirelessly

Laser Beam Transmits Power Wirelessly Batteries and fuel cells can keep "Stalker" unmanned aerial vehicles aloft from two to eight hours. But recent tests using laser technology to recharge the on-board batteries is promising an unlimited flight time. reminds us that the test was in a controlled wind tunnel, but the technology could develop for point-to-point energy transmission on land.

Carbon Slurry Capacitors Power the Grid

Carbon Slurry Capacitors Power the Grid Intermittent renewable energy sources require grid-level storage to make them fully efficient. While batteries and supercapacitors are two options, researchers are combining the strengths of both technologies with an "electrochemical flow capacitor" that uses a carbon slurry. reports that the technology is scalable and offers fast charging/discharging rates.

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New Lean PLC Wiring Solutions
ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems
Custom Low / High Voltage Power Supplies
LHV Power

New lean PLC Wiring Solutions The popular Interfast PLC pre-wiring system by ABB is expanding their offering with new input relay interfaces and a compact output module. Interfast is the most lean wiring solution on the market today and can reduce wiring time by at least 60%.

Custom Low / High Voltage Power Supplies With High Voltage and Low Voltage capabilities, LHV Power offers a unique one stop shop for your custom power supply design. Industries served by LHV include Medical, Industrial, Air/Water Filtration, and Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Visit us here to submit your project requirements and let the design team at LHV develop your solution!

Industry Standards . . .
Connecting Underground
Hooking Up to Power

Connecting Underground The ANSI C119.1 standard, available now from IHS, covers sealed, insulated underground connector systems rated at 600 volts and establishes electrical, mechanical, and sealing requirements for sealed underground connector systems. The purpose of this standard is to give reasonable assurance to the user that connector systems meeting the requirements of this standard will perform in a satisfactory manner.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

Hooking Up to Power The requirements in UL 498, available now from IHS, cover attachment plugs, receptacles, cord connectors, inlets, current taps provided with wiring terminals for flexible cord, and flatiron and appliance plugs — all intended for connection to a branch circuit for use in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

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