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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Coriolis and Ultrasonic Flowmeters on the Rise

Coriolis and Ultrasonic Flowmeters on the Rise The future of flowmeters — especially coriolis and ultrasonic — is very rosy, predicts this report from Flow Control. The markets for them significantly expanded in 2011 and it looks like they will continue their rise due to both push and pull factors. On the push side, there are a growing number of worldwide conferences where technical ideas are shared, and manufacturers and users can meet to discuss applications. On the pull side, users have a growing appreciation for the special qualities of these meters. For ultrasonics: high accuracy and reliability, low maintenance, and relatively low cost. For coriolis: high accuracy, straight-tube, and growth in large line sizes. And for both, expanding built-in diagnostics.

Size Reduction Processors
DELUMPER® Division, Franklin Miller, Inc.
Cyclone "Pull-Thru" Dust Collectors
Aget Manufacturing Company

Size Reduction Processors The DELUMPER® Division of Franklin Miller manufactures crushers, lumpbreakers, shredders, mills, mixers, and other processors that have proven invaluable to reducing plant downtime, improving processing and product consistency, cutting waste, and solving a wide variety of tough size reduction applications. In addition, we custom engineer machines and complete systems. Visit us online.

Cyclone 'Pull-Thru' Dust Collectors The Cyclone Separator is one of the most efficient dust collectors available for its cost. The SN Series cyclones are equipped with top mounted motors and fans which pull contaminated air into the cyclone through the lower side opening. Read more.

Integrated Energy Delivery® Systems

Glenro Inc.
Steam Ready Packaged Boiler Yields Fast


Integrated Energy Delivery® Systems Glenro provides integrated industrial heat processing solutions that are guaranteed to perform. These solutions smartly combine our heating technologies to produce more product revenue in less space. They operate more efficiently than conventional designs and satisfy the most demanding process criteria.

Learn more.

Steam Ready Packaged Boiler Yields Fast Delivery Cleaver-Brooks designed the Nebraska D (CBND) series for IWT customers on a fast-track timeline. The CBND is built using perfectly matched boiler/burner/control components, engineered upfront to expedite drawings and delivery. The product features 100% membrane (watercooled) construction and refractory-free front and rear walls and burner throat. Download the white paper.

Reduce Energy Usage . . .
Microwave Mixing for the Processing Industries
Industrial Pulley Puller

Microwave Mixing for the Processing Industries The new Microwave Mixer is ideal for heating, drying, cooking, pasteurization, and pathogen reduction applications. Microwave energy efficiently heats the material — not the vessel or the room — reducing batch process times and energy usage by up to 50%. Get precision temperature control to within one degree. Eliminate warm up and cool down time. Save with reduced maintenance costs, less product fouling, plant heat load reductions, and a smaller equipment footprint. Also available in continuous processing.

Fluid/Gas Handling Equipment . . .
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Positive Reasons for Positive Displacement

Positive Reasons for Positive Displacement Pumps Question: Why use a positive displacement pump? Answer: It's ideal for high-viscosity fluids in a system with varying flow and pressure demands. It can also deliver a well-defined flow over a wide range of pressures. Chemical Processing describes the different types and their best applications in detail. One type — the progressing cavity pump — can even handle solids mixed in with the fluid.

Best Bolting Practices for Flanges

Best Bolting Practices for Flanges Bolting flanges properly is not an easy task. Pumps and Systems outlines a six-step approach to making a solid connection. Critical steps include proper alignment of the flange faces, and re-tightening the fasteners to compensate for load loss due to relaxation after initial installation.

Automation & Control . . .
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The Special Needs of Industrial Ethernet

The Special Needs of Industrial Ethernet Ethernet can be a terrific means for automating a factory but if it's not done right, it can be a disaster. If you think you understand Ethernet just because you use it in your office or home — think again. This in-depth piece from Control Engineering gives much good advice and explains things like the difference between Category 5 and Category 6 cable, or the difference between a hub and a switch.

Upgrade Your Old PLC to a Modern PAC

Upgrade Your Old PLC to a Modern PAC This video from SoftPLC Corporation, demonstrates how to migrate your existing programmable logic controller (PLC) application to a programmable automation controller (PAC). Some advantages: virtually unlimited programming and data table memory, a large number of ports, open architecture, and embedded Web server. You email your application logic and documentation file and the company sends a preloaded controller to you — for a cost, of course.

Gentle, Three Minute Blending
Munson Machinery Company
Eliminating the Foundry Bottleneck
Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Gentle, Three Minute Blending Rotary Batch Mixer gently blends batches of dry ingredients (and liquid additions) in parts down to one per million with complete uniformity in less than three minutes, evacuates the batch with no residual, and sanitizes rapidly with no tools. No internal bearings contacting material. Outperforms ribbon, paddle, and cone blenders.

Eliminating the Foundry Bottleneck Change product in a conventional shakeout and you may experience excessive sand carryover or, worse yet, casting damage. Carrier has solved this problem with its patented Delta-Phase® Shakeout. With its variable angle of attack, the shakeout easily adjusts to product change, virtually eliminating sand carryover and costly casting damage!

Control Humidity in Process Industries

Munters DH
Bulk Material Handling — Macawber has

Macawber Group

Control Humidity in Process Industries Munters ICA with PowerPurge™ dehumidification and energy recovery system provides precise and consistent humidity and temperature control for industrial manufacturing, processing, packaging, transporting, and storage. Ensure product quality and protect machinery, while benefiting from lower maintenance and life cycle cost — a payback of investment costs is usually realized within months!

Bulk Material Handling — Macawber has Experience Macawber is experienced handling your difficult bulk material. We manufacture dense-phase pneumatic conveyors for many applications like ash, fuels, biomass, cement, minerals, sand, many chemicals, even foods; and is the original patent designer of the Dome Valve — an industrial strength valve made for harsh and abrasive environments. Please inquire.

Solids Handling . . .
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Dust Control That's Flexible

Dust Control That's Flexible Dust is a typical byproduct of food production. This article explains that when changing products, the dust control system can usually be modified rather than replaced to accommodate the new process. Basic guidelines and two case studies explain how.

A Smooth Transfer of Powder

A Smooth Transfer of Powder A pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to safely transfer a measured dose of powdered material from a granulator to a bin mounted on load cells. The transfer had to be sanitary and completely contained. An automated valve with retractable sleeve not only did the job, it was interlocked so the valve would not open unless the sleeve was engaged with the receiving bin.

Filtration, Separation & Recycling . . .
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No Bee Wings in Your Tea

No Bee Wings in Your Tea Effective filtering is a key step in honey production. Foreign bodies such as wax and bee wings must be removed to prevent blockage and maintain a steady flow rate. A producer's original filter required manual cleaning, which caused unacceptable losses of production time. The replacement product is self-cleaning and features easily changeable screens for different types of honey. (Turn to page 8 of digital magazine.)

What's New in Pharmaceutical Filters?

What's New in Pharmaceutical Filters? Pharma Manufacturing highlights some of the latest improvements in pharmaceutical filtering from six different manufacturers. A sampling includes combination depth and membrane pre-filters, production scale depth filters, and single-use tangential flow (TFF) filters. The emphasis with all of these products is increased effectiveness and the ability to handle a wide range of flow rates.

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Liquid Level Guages and Magnetic Level

Peterson Filters Corporation Rotary Vacuum

Peterson Filters Corporation

Liquid Level Guages and Magnetic Level Indicators Manufacturer of high-quality liquid level gauges, sight flow indicators, magnetic level indicators, and level controls. Used extensively throughout all process industries, Jogler gauges are fabricated to exact customer specifications in a maintenance-free design. Over 40 years of impeccable success with dedicated customer service and prompt deliveries of custom engineered products.

Peterson Filters Corporation Rotary Vacuum Filters Peterson Filters Corporation builds a complete line of continuous, rotary vacuum filters, including disc filters, drum filters, and drum pre-coat filters. We can provide a customized line of equipment designed specifically to your needs, from filtering concentrates and tailings to low-solids filtering applications. Ask about our IMAX flocculation system. Learn more.

Corrosion-Resistant Process Equipment
TITAN Metal Fabricators
High Purity Jet Milling — Dry Powders
The Jet Pulverizer Company

Corrosion-Resistant Process Equipment TITAN Metal Fabricators trusted by industry around the globe for corrosion-resistant process equipment.

TITAN leads the industry in fabrication of titanium, tantalum, zirconium, high nickel alloys, and duplex stainless steels. Custom design, engineering, and manufacture of shell and tube heat exchangers, columns, condensers, reactors, piping, pressure vessels, tanks...

High Purity Jet Milling — Dry Powders Jet Pulverizer is a toll processor and manufacturers the Micron-Master® and Pharma-Master® precision jet pulverizers. Offering system engineering and Milling Systems for industrial, commercial, and sanitary applications, processing grams to 10,000 PPH. Size reduction services for dry powders in the range of 0.25 to 200 microns are available. FDA cGMP and ISO9001:2008.

Industry Standards . . .
Standard Applies to Pressurized Enclosures
Electrical and Instrumentation Loop Check

Standard Applies to Pressurized Enclosures Offering guidance to those who employ pressurization for electrical equipment in hazardous locations, this ISA Pressurized Enclosure standard protects users from failure of pressure regulating devices in the protective gas supply. In addition, ISA 12.04.04 provides performance and test recommendations so components mounted internally or protruding through the enclosure are unlikely to cause ignition of a surrounding flammable atmosphere.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

Electrical and Instrumentation Loop Check This standard defines procedures and specifications for loop check, which comprises the activities between the completion of the loop construction (including installation and point-to-point checks) and the start-up of cold commissioning. This standard is applicable for the construction of new plants and for expansion/retrofits of electrical and instrument installations in existing plants.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

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