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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Bioreactor for Instant Fuel Availability

Bioreactor for Instant Fuel Availability The ability to produce and use fuel on-site, without the need for refining, would be advantageous for military operations, disaster relief, and remote applications. What if such a system is mobile and converts kitchen and latrine waste or processed cellulosic feedstock into diesel surrogate? It exists as the Endurance Bioenergy Reactor and can deliver up to 50 gal/day (189 l/d) of biofuel. One reactor can also fuel a generator and charge up to 60 light- to medium-duty electric vehicles daily. U.S. Argonne National Lab developers discuss the photosynthetic bacteria-based technology in this video.

Reliable Encoders for Safe Wind-turbine

Lika Electronic
TE Connectivity Solar and Wind Energy
Solutions from Digi-Key

Digi-Key Corporation

Reliable Encoders for Safe Wind-turbine Applications Lika Electronic designs and manufactures a broad range of valuable incremental and absolute encoders expressly suited to be integrated into geared limit switches for the safest pitch and yaw control in wind mills.

TE Connectivity Solar and Wind Energy Solutions from Digi-Key TE Connectivity Solar and Wind Energy Solutions provide access to a myriad of innovative, extensive, and high quality standard and semi-custom alternative energy solutions. Robust components, including connectors, fiber optics, sensors, relays, switches and filters, wire and cable, identification and tooling, help customers lower costs and increase reliability.

Connecter Solution for Solar at Mouser
Mouser Electronics, Inc.
Energy Standards — Download or Site License
American National Standards Institute, Inc.

Connecter Solution for Solar at Mouser TE Connectivity's (TE) SOLARLOK connector system delivers a flexible system solution for easy and reliable interconnections from photovoltaic modules to the DC converter. Its open system structure allows serial and parallel interconnection via direct wire connections or separable connectors — significantly reducing the installation cost of a solar energy system.

Energy Standards — Download or Site License Wind Power, Solar, Biofuels, Nuclear, Hydrogen — download standards for every power generation technology at from AGA, AMCA, ASME, ASQ, ASTM, AWS, DIN, IEC, IEEE, ISO, NECA, and SAE and find standards from among 100 publishers at ANSI or request a site license quote for cost-effective multi-user access.

Sustain Your Product Quality . . .
Meet Analytical Requirements for Your Biomass Products
Agilent Technologies — Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis Divisions

Meet Analytical Requirements for Your Biomass Products Today's world is looking for reliable and sustainable energy sources — and is turning to biomass as an answer.

Find out how Agilent Technologies can help usher in — and sustain — an era of clean, renewable, energy, and chemical resources.

Solar Power . . .
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A Slimmer Solar Module

A Slimmer Solar Module This PV glass offering from a German manufacturer promises increased light transmission and annual energy yield boost up to 6% due to a special anti-reflective coating. A self-cleaning effect is also imparted to the low-iron glass by the coating. And all of this at a material thickness of only 2.3 mm and 2.6 mm.

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PV Ingredients are Oven-baked

PV Ingredients are Oven-baked Oregon State University researchers turned on a microwave oven to reduce thin-film PV fabrication costs. The heating process was used to synthesize inexpensive copper zinc tin sulfide nanoparticle inks which can be sprayed or rolled to develop solar cells. An initial device assembled with the nano-ink demonstrated a 0.25% conversion efficiency.

Fuel Cells & Hydrogen . . .
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Energy Headway at the Harbor

Energy Headway at the Harbor Sustainability improvements are being realized in ports worldwide with the adoption of fuel cell technology. AltEnergyMag profiles emission and noise reduction benefits as fuel cells displace diesel options for mobile, stationary, and backup power. Refrigeration for containers, power for cranes and forklifts, and shore power for docked cargo and cruise ships can be supplied from fuel cells.

Replacement Catalyst is Hydrogen Producer

Replacement Catalyst is Hydrogen Producer A cheaper electrocatalyst promises cheaper hydrogen, particularly if the reaction occurs in the presence of atmospheric oxygen and at room temperature. HybridCars reports that the cobalt catalyst advanced by University of Cambridge, UK, researchers can be applied under "industrially relevant" conditions. A solar water splitting device for simultaneous fuel hydrogen and by-product oxygen generation is now under development.

Cable Glands and Industrial Enclosures — Photovoltaic/Solar!
Sealcon LLC
Double Cooling for Wind Power Generators

Rosenberg USA

Cable Glands and Industrial Enclosures — Photovoltaic/Solar! Sealcon's Solar/Outdoor/Photovoltaic Cable Glands and Industrial Enclosures offer the best UV/Ozone Stable, Water/Immersion requirements. IP 68/69K, NEMA 4x/6, V0 Flame Rating Glands have Multi-Hole Inserts (Buna-N/Silicone/Viton® & TPE) Black Nylon Only! Threads: NPT/Metric/PG Approvals: UL/UR/CSA/VDE/CE/ULf1(746C)/ATEX/RoHS. Affordable, Superior, Backed with Unsurpassed Customer Service. Sample your application today! 2D/3D CAD! No Minimum Orders!

Double Cooling for Wind Power Generators Rosenberg's double-inlet forward-curved radial centrifugal AC fans deliver up to 7,200 CFM of air movement for critical cooling of generators and switchboards in modern wind energy plants and windmills. Rosenberg is the world's leading supplier of cooling fans to the wind power industry. Find out more at

Carbon Fiber Finish Dryers
Glenro Inc.
Wind Turbine Lubrication Made Easy
Springer Controls Company, Inc.

Carbon Fiber Finish Dryers Glenro provides heating systems designed to dry finishes on carbon fibers used in manufacturing of automotive and renewable energy products. Our systems can be powered by clean, natural gas, renewable electricity, or from heat recovered elsewhere in the process. Learn more.

Wind Turbine Lubrication Made Easy The Easy Grease is a fully portable and automatic lubrication system. Benefits include less downtime during maintenance periods, assurance of accurate lubricant amounts applied, minimized risk of contamination, lower costs for lubricants, and reduced physical stress on maintenance technicians with no manual operation required.

Contact Springer Controls at 904.225.0575

Wind, Water & Geothermal . . .
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Scotland Offshores Its Investments

Scotland Offshores Its Investments Five wave- and tidal-energy developers will receive £7.9 million ($12.5 million) from the Scottish government to support technology development off the nation's coast. In addition, four renewable energy companies will compete for the £10 million ($15.8 million) Saltire Prize, to be awarded to the largest producer of electricity from the sea over a two-year period.

Hydropower in the Pipeline

Hydropower in the Pipeline Three in-pipe hydrodynamic turbines will soon be installed in a water delivery pipeline operated by the San Antonio, TX, Water System. The spherical, vertical axis turbines generate power from excess head pressure as water flows through the gravity-fed pipeline. Animated video illustrates operating mechanisms of the system, which will have a capacity of 60 kW.

Biomass & Batteries . . .
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Biofuel That's Ready to Go

Biofuel That's Ready to Go Virtually any type of non-food biomass feedstock is converted into liquid transportation fuel with a process developed by Gas Technology Institute, IL. The Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion scheme yields drop-in replacements for gasoline and diesel fuel at delivered costs of less than $2.00/gal. Commercial plant operation with a fuel output of 300,000 gal/day is expected by 2014.

Faster Charging with Graphene

Faster Charging with Graphene An alternative to graphite anodes allows Li-ion batteries to charge and discharge 10x faster. Laser- and camera flash-induced cracks and imperfections in graphene sheets accelerated Li-ion flow and greatly increased the battery's overall power density. Stable performance was observed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, engineers through 1,000 charge/discharge cycles.

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Caliper Disc Brakes for Wind Turbines
Branham, W.C. Inc.
DC:DC Converters for Smart Sub-Combiners
Tamura Corporation of America

Caliper Disc Brakes for Wind Turbines W.C. Branham offers a wide range of caliper disc brakes suitable for wind turbines. Choose from hydraulic, spring applied pneumatic or hydraulic, and mechanical types. W.C. Branham custom designs brakes as well. Brake samples provided to qualified opportunities at no charge. Contact W.C. Branham today for details and assistance. American owned. American made.

DC:DC Converters for Smart Sub-Combiners Tamura Corp's new "Parasitic" DC supply feeds off photovoltaic system DC voltage up to 1000 VDC and safely, securely, supplies isolated 24 VDC@
1 A, to power smart sub-combiner data collection and transmission devices.

Available in Q3 2012 in NA the supply is certified to UL1741, and compliant with UL1012 and CSA107 for industrial and photovoltaic applications. More info.

Introducing the Exclusively Designed, Mitsubishi SBS-2033C UPS System
Storage Battery Systems, LLC.
Improve Plant Energy Efficiency and Power Quality
Mesta Electronics, Inc.

Introducing the exclusively designed, Mitsubishi SBS-2033C UPS System Exclusively from SBS, the Mitsubishi 2033C is available in 10 kVA/ 8 kw and 15 kVA / 12 kw. Its transformerless design, high performance and reduced foot print, differentiate the 2033C UPS from others in the industry.

Special pricing is available! Visit us here for more information!

Improve Plant Energy Efficiency and Power Quality Extend the life of plant equipment. Avoid punitive utility fees. Mesta DPM™ (Digital Power Manager) a true Active Harmonic Filter dramatically reduces harmonic distortion caused by non-linear loads. A single DPM™ can correct for multiple plant loads, provide instantaneous harmonic correction, near unity power factor, and facilitate IEEE 519-1992 compliance.

Industry Standards . . .
Test Methods for Thermal Solar System

Weighing WEC Power Output

Test Methods for Thermal Solar System Controls This European standard, available now from IHS, specifies performance test methods for control equipment for solar heating systems and auxiliary heaters. An additional objective of the procedures described in this document is to verify control algorithms and, together with the accuracy of sensors, to determine control parameters.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

Weighing WEC Power Output This part of IEC 62600, available now from IHS, provides a method for assessing the electrical power production performance of a Wave Energy Converter (WEC), based on the performance at a testing site. The Technical Specification applies to commercial scale WECs that are compliantly moored, tautly moored, bottom mounted, and shore mounted.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

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