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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Going with the Flow

Going with the Flow Waterjet cutting need not be the expensive preserve of big companies. Instead, as this report from makes clear, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst smaller job shops as a low cost, compact way of tackling one-off and small run contracts. The versatility of the technique is a crucial factor since a single investment can provide users with machines capable of cutting materials ranging from steel and stainless steel to aluminum and titanium. Waterjet machines can also tackle the extremely thick — up to 15 in. in depth — and reflective materials that seemingly more sophisticated approaches like laser cutting can find either problematical or even impossible. In consequence the user-base for the technology in the U.S. has at least doubled over the last five years.

Professional Surface Finishing, Beveling, and Deburring Solutions
High Performance Precision Reaming from Sandvik Coromant
Sandvik Coromant Co.

Professional Surface Finishing, Beveling and Deburring Solutions CS Unitec's multifunctional grinding and polishing system is ideal for flat surfaces and open/closed pipe constructions. Grind from a coarse to shadow-free brush finish, up to a mirror polish. Remove welds, deep scratches, oxidation, rust, and paint. Also available: hand-held and table-top beveling and deburring machines for stainless steel, aluminum, pipe, and more.

High Performance Precision Reaming from Sandvik Coromant Choose solid carbide CoroReamers when high surface quality finish and close tolerances are required. With dedicated geometries and internal coolant, they deliver superb hole quality and process security. The reamers are available in spiral flute design for through holes and straight flute design for blind holes.

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New Advantage Boring Bar Catalog
SCT — Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.
Comco USA Tube Bending Specialist
Comco USA

New Advantage Boring Bar Catalog With a strong commitment to innovation and customer service Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc. offers high quality precision ground cutting tools. Advanced tool geometries, premium carbide, and the latest in PVD coating technology set SCT apart for demanding applications. View our new catalog for all your cutting tool needs!

Comco USA Tube Bending Specialist KB-15 Series tube bending equipment performs remarkably well under the most stringent environments. As a copper and aluminum CNC tube bender for HVAC, mild steel automotive brakeline, or transmission lines. The KB-15 Series is used by fortune 500 companies and built to run 24/7 and produce over 1,000 tubes per hour.

Exposition & Conference . . .
Join Us in Las Vegas for FABTECH 2012
Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Join Us in Las Vegas You're invited to attend FABTECH 2012, November 12-14 in Las Vegas. With more than 1,100 exhibitors, it's the most efficient, cost-effective way to evaluate and compare the most innovative metal forming, fabricating, welding, tube and pipe, and finishing products and technologies. Bring your team to see live equipment demos, network with the experts, find solutions, and discover new ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve profits. Get your complimentary badge today at!

Metal Cutting . . .
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Improved Performance

Improved Performance If you cannot charge customers more, then the only way to increase profitability is to improve efficiencies. As reports, a company in Indianapolis has done precisely that through the introduction of multi-spindle machines that provide several key capabilities such as the precise matching of spindle speeds with feed rates.

Going on 40

Going on 40 Here's a video showing off one of the latest machines from Haas — its UMC-750 5-axis universal machining center. Features include 30 in. x 22 in. x 20 in. travels and an integrated dual-axis trunnion table. It also has an in-line 40-taper spindle with top speeds of 8,000 or 12,000 rpm and a side-mounted 40+1 tool changer as standard.

Metal Forming . . .
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Pressed for Time

Pressed for Time Investment in an 800 ton servo-drive press is paying off for an Indiana metal stamper. As reports with video, the company is achieving much better part quality and production speeds than it previously did with a 1,200 ton conventional machine. The snap-through force involved in making an automotive bracket, for instance, has been more than halved.

Saving Space

Saving Space Trumpf has introduced an automation enhancement for its TruPunch 3000 machine that enables the loading of medium-sized sheets and blanks with only minimal addition to the overall footprint of the installation. All the elements of the SheetMaster Compact are either immediately co-located with the main machine or are even below the main worktable.

Contact CIMCOOL for Product
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Arlink® 7000 All-purpose Workbench

Lista International

Contact CIMCOOL for Product Complimentary Trials CIMCOOL® produces the most advanced and innovative metalworking fluids for the "toughest" grinding and machining applications. With over 65 years of fluid technology CIMCOOL provides the metalworking fluid that will help your machining results, 4 to 5x longer sump life, up to 300% improved tool life, and increased productivity.

Arlink® 7000 All-purpose Workbench The Arlink® 7000 workbench is a cost-effective, general purpose workbench, ideal for manufacturing environments. With its heavy-duty construction, the Arlink® 7000 can support 1,000 lbs (454 kg). It is offered in a range of durable work surfaces, with optional leg extenders, sturdy 5 in. diameter casters, and a choice of hanging drawers.

Coated Whisker-reinforced Ceramic Inserts
Greenleaf Corporation
Ball and Spring Plungers
Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Coated Whisker-reinforced Ceramic Inserts Greenleaf's WG-600® is ideal for the roughing and finishing of high-strength alloys and hardened steels. WG-600® is a coated Al2O3 whisker-reinforced ceramic that delivers better performance than uncoated whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts. Learn more!

Ball and Spring Plungers Carr Lane provides high quality spring-loaded devices, including ball plungers, spring plungers, hand-retractable plungers, index plungers, spring stop buttons, and spring locating pins. Choose from a wide assortment of materials and sizes, both metric and U.S.

Tools & Fixturing . . .
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Holding Tight

Holding Tight Fixturing is often a low-profile part of a machining operation. But, as reports, a California company making high-precision blades and vanes for aerospace and other turbine customers is using what it describes as "high density" fixturing to enable it to grind from 10 to 30 parts in a single set-up.

Always the Same

Always the Same The repeatability of chuck clamping force helps ensure consistency of machining. But this can be compromised by varying lubrication levels. However, as reports with video, one way of avoiding this is through the use of sealed clamping units that can support extended operations — even hundreds of thousands of cycles — without maintenance.

Software & Programming . . .
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Spinning Faster

Spinning Faster Upgraded CNC software was a vital element in the modernization of a spin forming lathe used to make wheels for racing cars, reports The project — at Aero Race Wheels in Estherville, IA — enabled the company to tackle issues of machine programming, operator training and job changeover that were slowing up production.

Sharing Problems

Sharing Problems Manufacturing efficiency isn't just about machining, it is also about data — the data stored in machine tools that can help avert production bottlenecks by making potential problems evident before they do damage. So find out here from (with supplementary video) how two machining shops in Indiana are using the latest shop-floor communications standard to do just that.

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Tough Tolerance Machining at Competitive Pricing
Metal Cutting Corporation
IMTS Introductions Answer Fixture Design Challenges
Vektek, Inc.

Tough Tolerance Machining at Competitive Pricing As budgets get tighter, OEM's are looking for more vertical integration from their machining partners. That means expanded capabilities, a broader materials knowledge base, and increased technical acumen. Metal Cutting's machining solutions mean quality precision parts from material sourcing to secondary services. Learn more

IMTS Introductions Answer Fixture Design Challenges Fixture Builders, around the world, immediately recognized the value and flexibility built into Vektek's new products. The easy mount cylinder, combination sequence/PRV block, power pin, long stroke work supports, waterproof pressure switch, and combination block cylinders all make fixture design a whole lot easier. Learn More.

Reliable, Repeatable, Precise…Vektek!

Industry Standards . . .
New ISO Standard for Machine Tools
Revised ISO Standard for Solid End Mills

New ISO Standard for Machine Tools Available now from IHS, ISO 26303:2012 defines procedures for acceptance of metal-cutting machine tools based on tests of their capability in machining a specified workpiece. It gives recommendations for test conditions, applicable measurement systems, and the requirements for machine tools. These are consistent with ISO 22514, which describes statistical methods for process management.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

Revised ISO Standard for Solid End Mills Solid ball-nosed end mills are widely used for Z-axis milling and contour machining in die and mold machining. A newly revised version of the ISO standard covering these cutters, ISO 15917, is available from IHS. The standard specifies types and dimensions of solid ball-nosed end mills made of carbide and ceramic materials.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

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October 3, 2012 - Volume 7 Issue 18
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