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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Next-gen Motion Control Points to Simpler Products, Technology

Next-gen Motion Control Points to Simpler Products, Technology Steve Meyer, from, offers his vision for The Future of Motion Control, beginning by noting technology trends such as embedded microcontrollers and the latest generation of power MOSFETS with silicon-carbide substrates. "However," he says, "we're not seeing big changes in motors and controls." Meyer stresses the need to develop new, low-cost and simplified products and technology, and says that the beginning of this trend is CAT5-style connectors for EtherCAT servo amplifiers. And, that's only the "tip of the iceberg."

Is Plant Downtime Costing You?

Fluke Vibration Solution Center
Top Performing All-purpose AC VECTOR

Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Is Plant Downtime Costing You? Control unplanned downtime, prevent recurring problems, set repair priorities, and manage your resources with an entirely new approach to vibration testing. The new Fluke 810 Vibration Tester helps you locate and diagnose common mechanical problems, so you can stay productive. Learn more today!

Top Performing All-purpose AC VECTOR Drive Boasting the best vector control of any general purpose inverter in its class, the RoHS compliant, small footprint, multi-purpose MEGA VFD is ideal for most drive applications and excels in accurate position control. Designed by Fuji with no software required for startup, it is also the fastest inverter on the market today.

Powerful Solutions . . .
New Automation Controller
Industrial Indexing Systems, Inc.

New Automation ControllerThe Emerald Automation Controller is an open architecture high performance multi-axis motion controller designed for demanding industrial applications that require close synchronization of up to 32 servo motors, I/O, and auxiliary equipment.

Company Web site.

Motion Control Systems . . .
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Advice for Engineers: Heed the Load

Advice for Engineers: Heed the Load "Motion starts at the load" comments Tom Jensen, Lenze Americas program manager, in Control Engineering. As such, motion-control engineers should avoid following a standard blueprint for machine design and instead pay careful attention to the application. The article covers a lot of ground — programming, modular robotics, multitasking controllers, drive systems, and more.

Singing the Praises of Electronic Camming

Singing the Praises of Electronic Camming If the servo system is an orchestra, its conductor is the motor of an electronic camming system, linked to a timer or encoder. So says a Yaskawa Electric America engineer. He describes how electronic camming — where a traditional cam-follower linkage is replaced with a servomotor and linear actuator — improves pick-and-place automation.

AC & DC Motor Drives . . .
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VFD Named Product of the Year

VFD Named Product of the Year A variable-frequency drive featuring a patent-pending cooling design that prevents overheating has been named Product of the Year from Electrical Construction & Maintenance magazine, in the "Motors, Drives & Motor Controls" category (select this category). The drive is reportedly the world's only VFD that can be installed in a Class I, Division 1 location.

Embedded Safety Logic Enhances Profitability

Embedded Safety Logic Enhances Profitability An AutomationWorld article by James Koelsch offers two cases where integrating safety with machine control "protects people and equipment, streamlines production and enhances the bottom line." In one case, the author describes a welding machine's servo-controlled platform whose drives contain embedded, safety-based logic functions. Response time is a quick as 2 msec.

Dedicated OEM Motor Drives — Reduce

KB Electronics, Inc.
Sensorless Vector Drives — SG Series

Benshaw, Inc.

Dedicated OEM Motor Drives — Reduce Cost Variable Speed Motor Controls

Ready to Use, "Out-of-the-Box".
No adjusting, programming, or tuning.

Applications: machinery, conveyors, fans, blowers, packaging, printing, stair lifts, pottery wheels, magnetics

Motor types: DC, AC Induction, Synchronous, PSC; 12-180VDC, 115-460VAC thru 5HP

Approvals: UL Listed, RoHS, CE

Learn more today!

Sensorless Vector Drives — SG Series The SG series is a compact, economical drive designed for the most demanding applications. The flexible power stack allows the user to apply it to heavy-duty loads (150% for 60 secs), standard duty loads (120% for 60 secs), or variable torque loads (110% for 60 secs). 5 hp-700 hp.

Drive Advances & Applications . . .
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Five-axis High-speed PCB Coating

Five-axis High-speed PCB Coating This Assembly magazine article describes the motion-control system of an automated machine that applies protective coatings to PCB-mounted electronic components. Learn how load inertia is minimized so that the motion system — synchronized servomotors linked to AC servo drives — can deliver precise x-y motion of the spray head at speeds up to 800 mm/sec. Watch it work.

Networked Drives Growth Greater in Asia

Networked Drives Growth Greater in Asia Due to the push for more energy efficient factories, IMS Research foresees a strong global market for industrial networking, forecasting average annual growth of 10% through 2015. Specifically, networked drives will flood the Asia-Pacific region, "especially China," say IMS researchers, as a result of many new greenfield projects. The predicted 15% growth rate is considerably above the average global growth rate.

Drives for Motion Control . . .
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Best Friends: Motion Controller, Digital Servo

Best Friends: Motion Controller, Digital Servo Here's a new standalone digital servo drive integrated with a motion controller, which is capable of driving rotary and linear motors rated to 2 kW without the need for an additional heat sink. It's recommended for single-axis or distributed intelligence applications including robotics, electronic assembly, and semiconductor processing. Reprogramming the controller in the field is readily accomplished by new firmware downloads.

Saving Space? Try This Tiny Servo

Saving Space? Try This Tiny Servo Motion-control engineers challenged to integrate drives in tight spaces will find this new micro-sized (55 x 26.4 x 13.1 mm) pluggable servo drive worth considering. Thanks to "embedded intelligence," says the manufacturer, complex motion commands can run directly at the drive level. Executed operations include setting of various motion modes and execution of homing sequences.

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ETH Series Next-generation Electric

Parker Hannifin/Electromechanical Automation
Custom Stepper Motor Drives

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc.

ETH Series Next-generation Electric Cylinder The Parker ETH series is a next-generation rod-style actuator based upon the ET Series. This redesign offers unrivaled power density due to the use of oversized ballscrews and thrust bearings in traditional package sizes. It is capable of increased force output from a given frame size, or increased product life at the same force output.

Custom Stepper Motor Drives Haydon Kerk has designed an advanced series of drivers to efficiently operate motors to their peak performance. With several options to select from, Haydon can help you set up a system that will power-up any application. Haydon unipolar/bipolar drives are supported by Haydon brands outstanding customer application assistance.

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GlobalSpec's Defense & Security Technology Event — May 16, 2012

Register Today! GlobalSpec's Defense & Security Technology Event — May 16, 2012 Join your peers and leading manufacturers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE conference and trade show — right from the convenience of your desktop. Participate in any or all of the educational sessions, network with peers, and meet with manufacturers eager to showcase their latest products, services, and new technology offerings. Learn more about the educational sessions offered to meet your information needs, and register today!

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