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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Predictions for 2012 HVAC Market

Predictions for 2012 HVAC Market Seems like everyone's talking about technology and economics when it comes to the 2012 market in HVAC engineering. So is the forecast good? According to HPAC Engineering, the answer's a resounding "yes." The publication sat down with three experts — a design engineer, a manufacturer, and a facility engineer — to get their predictions on what's to come this year, and all three are predicting a bright future. Much of that optimism comes from technology, from green engineering to brand-new, round-the-clock analysis replacing the outdated technology still in operation. Still, those predictions come with a catch — and they won't happen overnight.

Ventilate Naturally with the Moffitt RMVS
Moffitt Corporation
ECOsine Active — Power Quality in HVAC
Schaffner EMC Inc.

Ventilate Naturally with the Moffitt RMVS The Moffitt RMVS is the ideal natural ventilation product for small to mid-range metal buildings. It is sturdy but lightweight and single-handedly increases interior airflow. It's effective at controlling condensation and removing heat and smoke. Available in 12 in. to 24 in. sizes and manufactured in aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel.

ECOsine Active — Power Quality in HVAC  Harmonic current compensation, inductive, and capacitive power factor correction, as well as load balancing in one device. Schaffner ECOsine™ Active: find out how it can sustainably improve your HVAC.

High Efficiency Shell and Coil Heat

Alstrom Energy Group
Hi-Definition Wireless VideoScope Introduced: Waterproof, Drop-proof
Extech Instruments Corp.

High Efficiency Shell and Coil Heat Exchangers Through it's recent aquisition, Alstrom Corporation now features ELGE® High Efficiency Shell and Coil Heat Exchangers. These are designed for steam-water, water-water, and glycol applications. They are designed according to the counterflow principle for highest heat transfer efficiency. The purchase of ELGE® line gives us a greater range of services.

Hi-Definition Wireless VideoScope Introduced: Waterproof, Drop-proof Extech's durable new HDV600 hi-def videoscope camera series features a 5.7 in./145 mm display, 4 mm-6 mm LED-illuminated optics, and SD storage for JPEGs or video, plus audio notes. Glove-friendly controller handsets with 320˚ articulated probes and wireless connectivity (10 m range) simplify inspections. Now, professionals can enjoy ruggedness and high-definition without compromises. Learn more...

HVAC Fans for OEMs . . .
Finned-bladed AC Axial Fans Up to 40 in.
Rosenberg USA

Finned-bladed AC Axial Fans Up to 40 in. Rosenberg AC axial fans with winglet tips are now available in five sizes from 22 in. to 40 in. The expanded AC line is ideal for many HVAC applications, including condensers, heaters, evaporators, heat pumps, and air-cooled water chillers. They are also available in EC (Electronically Commutated) models. Rosenberg's finned or winglet-style blade design reduces noise and boosts fan performance. The 40 in. models deliver nearly 16,000 CFM at free air. Visit for more information.

Heating . . .
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Electric Water Heaters a Green Alternative?

Electric Water Heaters a Green Alternative? Residential electric water heaters are nothing new, and that's one of the reasons why a lot of people don't pay attention to them. So you might not realize the latest advancements in electric heater efficiency. Plumbing & HVAC writes that with gas heaters getting more expensive, electric heaters are increasingly becoming a green alternative.

Philadelphia Challenges DOE Over Heating

Philadelphia Challenges DOE Over Heating Philadelphia Gas Works isn't happy with the U.S. Department of Energy, which is requiring that all new electric furnaces installed in 30 states, including Pennsylvania, be high-efficiency models. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the utility says that because some homeowners can't afford the new models, they'll choose less-efficient equipment to heat their homes.

Cooling . . .
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Digi-Cool Promises Instant Answers

Digi-Cool Promises Instant Answers When a service technician has a question about his measuring equipment in the middle of a job, he usually can't just call the manufacturer and talk to the designer. Digi-Cool, however, promises that very thing. HVACR Distribution Business shares the story of one manufacturer that's taken human interaction with clients to a whole new level.

Clean Your Coils!

Clean Your Coils! Looking for a good way to clean your coils? Check out this video from the 2012 AHR Expo. Scott Arnold of Mechanical Systems TV talks to Goodway Technologies Corporation President Timothy Kane about two new products: The CoilPro Jr. compact coil-cleaning system, and the RAM-PRO portable chiller-tube cleaner.

EcoDry™ Dehumidification Systems Cut Energy Costs by 45%
Bry-Air, Inc.
Knowledge is Power — New Belimo Energy Valve
Belimo Americas

EcoDry™ Dehumidification Systems Cut Energy Costs by 45% Bry-Air's energy-efficient desiccant dehumidifiers, with BrySmart control technology, reduce energy usage up to 45%. BrySmart can be retrofitted to existing systems providing improved operation and lower energy costs. The system optimizes performance over a wide range of operating conditions from full to off-peak loads by monitoring humidity and adjusting operating parameters.

Knowledge is Power — New Belimo Energy Valve Belimo Energy Valve is a two-way pressure independent control valve that optimizes, documents, and proves water coil performance. The valve uses Belimo Delta T Manager algorithm to directly control coil performance. The Energy Valve performs Delta T control, energy monitoring, trending, data storage, and BAS reporting functions in a single device.

Building HVAC Control . . .
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Building a Better Control Room

Building a Better Control Room Building a new control room for HVAC monitoring and other purposes? It's tempting to go with as many flashy high-tech screens and monitors as you can. But while that might look cool, it isn't the best choice in the long run. Instead, writes, designing a useful control room requires less impulse buying and more forethought.

HVAC Goes High Tech

HVAC Goes High Tech Sure, you might be an expert when it comes to older HVAC systems. But once you're programming direct digital controls, you're doing a lot more than just traditional HVAC work. You'll need skills with computers, IT networks, programming, and more. shares some of the skills you'll need to learn or brush up in today's high tech environment.

Energy Conservation & Efficiency . . .
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HVAC's Biggest Energy Wasters

HVAC's Biggest Energy Wasters Building managers are always looking for ways to save power, and when it comes down to it, HVAC systems tend to use more energy than anything else in a commercial building. rounds up four of the biggest power-wasters in HVAC, then suggests how to make them more efficient.

Harvesting Energy from HVAC Systems

Harvesting Energy from HVAC Systems When the temperature changes, there's a lot of latent energy involved, and it turns out that energy can be harnessed. Wireless sensor technology can "harvest" energy from a heating system, gaining enough power to send radio signals or perform other functions. Automated Buildings shares some of the uses for thermo-powered sensors in HVAC.

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micro CA-300 Inspection Recording

HUSHCORE™ Premium™ System Removable Cabinet Wraps
BRD Noise & Vibration Control, Inc.

micro CA-300 Inspection Recording Camera Easily record images and videos of problems in hard-to-reach areas, and share them through email or RIDGIDConnect. Pistol-grip design, large 3.5 in. LCD screen, anodized aluminum camera head with four adjustable LEDs. 4GB SD card included. View a product video or learn more at or call 800.769.7743.

HUSHCORE™ Premium™ System Removable Cabinet Wraps HUSHCORE™ Premium™ System Removable Cabinet Wraps are ideal for reducing radiated noise from ceiling plenum mounted HVAC equipment. The System is fully Velcro removable for easy access to perform equipment service without the use of tools or fasteners. Visit BRD Noise & Vibration Control, Inc. to learn more.

HVAC Products from Pelonis Technologies

Pelonis Technologies, Inc.
Thor™ 200, 450, and 600 Flightline Air

HDT Global

HVAC Products from Pelonis TechnologiesPelonis Technologies provides innovative products for a wide range of HVAC applications:

•  Backward curve impellers
•  Forward curve centrifugal fans
•  Axial AC and brushless DC fans
•  EC fans; inline fans

All products are designed for maximum performance and energy efficiency and can be customized according to HVAC standards. View our Web site.

Thor™ 200, 450, and 600 Flightline Air Conditioners The HDT Nordic Thor Series represents the industryʼs most advanced flightline air conditioners, providing customers with the unprecedented ability to maintain aircraft in extreme environmental conditions whether they be hot or cold. HDT Global is a leader in engineered solutions focused on solving complex technical problems.

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April 18, 2012 - Volume 7 Issue 4
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