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GlobalSpec: Quality Control
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How Factory Layout Affects Quality

How Factory Layout Affects Quality Many of the world's factories are designed in ways detrimental to product quality, argues one expert in Quality Progress. In such plants, complex and lengthy flow paths multiply process variables, which can obscure discovery of defects. Find out how the "silo syndrome" and excessive cost controls can block optimal process flows and needed capital equipment. Learn some practical steps on how to simplify process flow for improved quality and output. A companion podcast provides more details, including ways to reduce product variety on process lines for greater efficiency and quality.

Manufacturing Work Instructions Don't Have to Be Painful
Sequence Software
Vision MINI Ensures Accuracy at

Microscan Systems Incorporated

Manufacturing Work Instructions Don't Have to Be Painful When you're in manufacturing, getting work instructions to your team on the floor can be pretty frustrating — until now. With LockStep or Sequence, you will never again have to cobble something together in Word/Excel. Desktop to Enterprise, we have your solution. Download your complimentary copy of LockStep today.

Vision MINI Ensures Accuracy at Continental Automotive supplier Continental AG chose Microscan's Vision MINI to replace its existing barcode scanner for improved accuracy in the labeling process. The miniature smart camera provided a seamless transition to vision technology, enabling barcode reading plus verification of label text and alignment. Learn more and watch this application in action.

3D Imaging and Analysis Software for Industrial Inspection
Visualization Sciences Group, Inc. (VSG)
AutoBuzz — JTAG/boundary-scan Tool for

JTAG Technologies Inc.

3D Imaging and Analysis Software for Industrial Inspection Avizo® Fire software is a powerful 3D platform to visualize and analyze manufactured objects: Import data from tomography, radiography, ultrasonics; segment and identify materials; interactively examine your 3D data; detect failures and porosities; measure and quantify; compare actual vs nominal, and more.

AutoBuzz — JTAG/boundary-scan Tool for Debug AutoBuzz is a software tool that uses a unique "seek and discover" feature to scan completely a compliant design and then perform comparative tests using JTAG/boundary-scan. It only uses JTAG scan-chain information plus BSDL models of the JTAG/IEEE std 1149.1 compliant parts. It's the perfect tool for repair and rework technicians.

Durable and Reliable . . .
It's as Easy as Point. Click. View.
Instrument Technology, Inc.

It's as Easy as Point. Click. View. Superior performance in a complete, compact system. The ITI V5+ Videoscope System is ready whenever and wherever you need it. Its durable design limits downtime and it's simple to operate. Learn more from Instrument Technology, Inc (ITI)...

Product Inspection Technology . . .
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Preventing Defects in Custom Assemblies

Preventing Defects in Custom Assemblies Today's cars and planes offer customers the option of choosing a long list of options, which can cause havoc when components are installed incorrectly. To address this problem, researchers at Germany's Fraunhofer Institute have devised an automated visual testing system, which generates a digital template used for comparison with images of correctly assembled components. If the system detects any deviations, it issues a warning. Parts installed incorrectly also are highlighted on a monitor screen.

Faster CT Scans for Industry

Faster CT Scans for Industry CT scanning, found widely in medicine, is still used rarely for industrial applications because of the excessive time needed to acquire and reconstruct images. Now, three European companies have come together as France-based Minalogic to design a system that inspects components in seconds rather than minutes. In this "Delpix" project, researchers have developed a new generation of X-ray flat panel detectors and software both for real-time 3D image reconstruction and for automated processing of 3D data.

Quality Control Methods & Software . . .
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Wanted: Reliable ISO 9001 Registrars

Wanted: Reliable ISO 9001 Registrars How important is an ISO 9001 registrar you can trust? Surmotech, a NY electronics contract manufacturer, answered that question the hard way when it suddenly found itself looking for a new auditor just a few weeks before its certification expired. This Quality Digest article described how a new registrar — TÜV Rheinland — expedited technical reviews and preliminary audits to meet the impending deadline, while paving the way for future certification.

SPC on a Budget

SPC on a Budget Whether you are a Black Belt or a QC newcomer, this $199 SPC software package for Excel gives you a surprising array of functions. The latest release of QC Macros draws pareto charts, control charts, histograms, box and whisker plots, scatter plots, and more. Four "wizards" figure out what chart or statistic to draw based on your data. An embedded video gives more details.

Material QC Protocol Development and

Quality Assurance and Nondestructive

NDE Professionals Inc.

Material QC Protocol Development and Testing ANALYZE is a team of chemical consultants with broad material problem solving skills. With extensive polymer/organic chemistry knowledge and a modern analytical laboratory, ANALYZE can solve problems in manufacturing, finished goods, and raw materials. For over 25 years, ANALYZE has developed analytical protocols that specifically address individual client needs. Learn more.

Quality Assurance and Nondestructive TestingWhether you desire quality planning, quality control, auditing, program or procedure development, NPI is qualified to serve your specific needs. NPI supplies quality assurance across-the-board, including:

• Third-party quality system auditing
• Quality audit training
• Procedure development, quality development, and QA source inspection

Quality Standards & Compliance Testing . . .
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In Search of Quiet Waters

In Search of Quiet Waters ISO is developing new standards targeting noisy sea-going equipment that can threaten marine ecology and aquatic life. One new acoustic standard sets forth "quantities and procedures for description and measurement of underwater sound from ships." Also being studied: the combination of factors contributing to noisy seas, including ships, air guns for oceanographic research and minerals exploration, water sports, active sonar, acoustic communications, offshore alternative energy sources, and marine construction projects.

Tester Ensures Video Compliance

Tester Ensures Video Compliance Consumer electronics devices, such as set-top boxes, tablet PCs, and smartphones, come equipped with the high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and the mobile high-definition link interface (MHL). This new Rohde & Schwarz test suite can ensure the functionality of these interfaces and their compliance with relevant standards. The flexible equipment, which can accommodate up to eight test modules, provides both real-time protocol testing and audio/video analysis.

Defect Prevention & Analysis . . .
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Metrology Takes a Dive

Metrology Takes a Dive Three companies have joined forces to develop an under-water metrology system that targets oil rigs and other sub-sea structures. The BlueView 3D system combines terrestrial laser and underwater 3D multibeam sonar scanning. Coupled with advanced data processing techniques, the technology provided very precise measurements — accurate to 70 mm with an alignment error of less than one degree — between the sub-sea connection flanges on two manifolds of a North Sea oil field platform.

NDT Tool Captures Industry Award

NDT Tool Captures Industry Award Frost & Sullivan has given its "Product Differentiation Excellence" award to a computed radiography (CR) inspection system for industrial nondestructive test. Carestream's HPX-1 scanner was recognized for a ruggedized design that performs well in tough industrial environments. The HPX-1 can run imaging plates up to 14 in. in width and up to 60 in. in length and offers a fast erase feature for scans and digital viewing software for defect analysis (see video demo).

Metallographic Mounts of the Highest

M+P Labs
Fluoroscopy X-ray Services

TÜV Rheinland

Metallographic Mounts of the Highest Quality M+P Labs is highly-renowned for producing metallographic mounts of the highest quality. Metallography, in basic terms, is the art of imbedding a specimen in resin, polishing it to a mirror-like finish, then typically etching the specimen to reveal the microstructure of the materials.

Fluoroscopy X-ray Services TœVRheinland® non-destructive testing services offers the quality control method of using its Fluoroscopy X-ray services in determining internal flaws in parts or components of your products. Fluoroscopy examination can be effectively conducted in a variety of instances, insuring safety and quality in addition to preventing cost of replacement. Learn more...

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June 19, 2012 - Volume 7 Issue 6
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