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Needle-free Anemia Test

Needle-free Anemia Test A recent TEDTalk tells a tale of perseverance and engineering know-how that resulted in a low-cost, non-invasive device for anemia diagnosis. Witness to preventable anemia-related death in his native India, one engineer enlisted the expertise of colleagues to devise a simple diagnostic for point-of-care application. The monitor had to be portable for usability by community health workers and to function without needle pricks to assure patient compliance. After 32 attempts, the battery-operated ToucHB for hemoglobin, oxygen saturation, and heart rate measurement was designed, operating on the optical principle of photoplethysmography.

Are Your Medical Device Standards Up to Date?
American National Standards Institute, Inc.
OEM Medical Applications — Etched Foil Heaters
Thermal Circuits, Inc.

Are Your Medical Device Standards Up to Date? Update your collection of medical device standards by choosing from over 30 pre-defined Medical Device Standards packages. Get the latest from ANSI, ISO, AAMI, IEC and British Standards, BSI. These standards cover topics such as sterilization, symbols, labels, electrical safety, software, protective barriers and human factors, risk management and testing.

OEM Medical Applications — Etched Foil Heaters The medical electronics industry demands precise solutions to highly sensitive applications. Thermal Circuits, Inc. etched foil heaters provide the OEM with the advantage to distribute wattage infinitely and exactly. Combining with Thermal Circuits' skill in material science and the industry's broadest selection of element and dielectric materials often yields a competitive advantage.

Molex Micro-Fit 3.0™ Interconnect System
Heilind Electronics, Inc.
Perfect for Medical Applications
Thomas Division — Gardner Denver

Molex Micro-Fit 3.0™ Interconnect System Molex's Micro-Fit 3.0 connector, designed to meet the need for a high contact density signal or power connector, incorporates features previously found on larger power connectors. These 3.00 mm pitch connectors are the perfect choice when you need compact connectors that carry up to 5 amperes of current. Contact Heilind Electronics; 877-711-5096.

Perfect for Medical Applications The 2220 Series brushless DC oil-less air compressor from Thomas is designed for medical and other applications requiring a compact, lightweight compressor with variable output. The 2220 is small, weighs 1.48 lbs, and features an efficient variable speed motor that produces flow to 1.2 cfm and pressure to 30 psi.

Hospital-grade Cords . . .
No Minimum Order Requirements
Interpower Corporation

No Minimum Order Requirements Interpower Corporation manufactures North American and international hospital-grade power cords and cord sets. We offer clear, black, and gray molded plugs. Many lengths are in stock for same day shipping. Customize your cords with value-added options including custom lengths, labeling, and packaging. From 1 piece to 1,000 pieces or more, we offer no minimum order requirements and a 1-week manufacturing lead time on nonstock cords. 100% of Interpower cords are tested. Order online at

Medical Grade Materials & Products . . .
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Spiders Inspire Biomedical BOAS

Spiders Inspire Biomedical BOAS The beads-on-a-string (BOAS) structure used by orb-weaving spiders to build webs inspired University of Akron, OH, engineers to fabricate similar microthreads for medical use. Glue coats the biocompatible material, forming beads which provide adhesive properties and an agent for embedding medication. Video explains how the synthetic silk fills a need identified at a wound clinic.

Kinematic System Produces New Valves

Kinematic System Produces New Valves Defective venous valves can now be replaced with a polycarbonate-urethane implant designed in Germany. The prosthesis was developed in concert with an automated production scheme featuring a 3D droplet dispensing tool. Polymer is deposited one droplet at a time onto implant molds to achieve very thin layers with exacting precision.

Electrical & Electronic Equipment . . .
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3D Circuitry and Two-shot Molding

3D Circuitry and Two-shot Molding Meet electronic device design miniaturization and flexibility challenges with technology that combines Molded Interconnect Device/Laser Direct Structuring antenna capabilities. Medical Product Manufacturing News reports that both two-shot molding and a 3-axis laser are used to produce integrated fine-pitch 3D circuitry with shielding in a single molded device for high-density medical devices.

Micropower for Cardiac Monitor

Micropower for Cardiac Monitor Opportunity for designing low power heart rate monitors lies in micropower integrated circuit (IC) components. By operating on low voltage and current, these ICs conserve battery power. Some design guidelines offered cover circuitry of heart rate monitor front ends, including signal processing in the microconverter, lead off detection, and passive-component sizing.

Cut Precision Medical Parts' Cost Dramatically
Ticona Engineering Polymers
Medical Device CNC Machining
Protomatic, Inc.

Cut Precision Medical Parts' Cost Dramatically With High Performance Vectra® liquid crystal polymers (LCPs), the medical device designer can improve part economics as well as performance and processing compared with metals and other plastic materials. Ticona's LCPs eliminate costly machining, fill thinner walls, shorten molding cycles, and provide higher yields of stronger, more precise parts.

Medical Device CNC Machining Protomatic Medical offers precision machining capabilities for medical devices. We support prototype and production quantities for a range of medical devices, specializing in cardiovascular equipment and orthopedic appliances. We are ready to help you develop your medical device from concept to production, providing you with a viable prototype or production for your innovative design.

Ultralife's Belt-worn Battery Powers Mobile Medical Devices
Ultralife Corporation
Plug and Play Membrane Switch Assembly

DuraTech Industries

Ultralife's Belt-worn Battery Powers Mobile Medical Devices Ultralife's UBBL34 belt-worn 12 V battery can be used to power portable medical devices for additional patient convenience and mobility. The charger is built in to the battery and can be charged by either wall power supply or car adapter. The UBBL34 has received approval for use on airplanes.

Plug and Play Membrane Switch Assembly Why deal with higher overhead and the complexity involved with assembling many small parts? You can save time and resources with this more cost-effective option to self-assembly. DuraTech can provide you with a customized solution with this 'downstream' service.

Computers, Imaging & Software . . .
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Fast Track for Radiation-free Scanner

Fast Track for Radiation-free Scanner Non-load bearing components for a prototype imager that scans a radiation-free tracer injected into the bloodstream are being assembled with 3D printer technology. University of California (Berkeley) researchers cite cost and time savings with this approach. Detection of iron oxide nanoparticles by X-space Magnetic Particle Imaging currently enables real-time angiography of small animals.

Electron Ptychography Loses the Lens

Electron Ptychography Loses the Lens Computers replace lenses in the electron microscopy technique advanced at University of Sheffield, UK. Higher resolution images are realized without the limits imposed by electron lenses and without the need to stain cells. Electron ptychography generates images by reconstructing scattered electron waves after they pass through a sample.

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oPAD: Cheap Sensor Joins the Fold

oPAD: Cheap Sensor Joins the Fold Similar to a paper-based pregnancy test and suggestive of origami, a 3D microfluidic sensor costing pennies can test for malaria and HIV. Hydrophobic material applied to folded chromatography paper guides introduced blood or saliva to embedded test reagents, which will change color or fluoresce. The origami Paper Analytical Device (oPAD) is an innovation from the University of Texas (Austin).

Learning to Inhale

Learning to Inhale Statistics show that most asthma sufferers in the U.S. and UK do not use their inhalers effectively, leading to avoidable hospital admissions. Cambridge Consultants seeks to change this trend with a training device demonstrated in trials to more than double correct inhaler use rates. Medgadget hosts a video showing the merits of the interactive wireless training system.

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Electric Heaters for Medical Equipment
Hotwatt, Inc.
Level Sensors for Medical Equipment
Madison Company

Electric Heaters for Medical Equipment Hotwatt, a leader in manufacturing resistance heating elements for 60 years. Applications include but are not limited to fluid heating, sterilization, incubation, humidifiers, pharmaceuticals, and portable heated trays. We supply to medical, packaging, industrial, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, and military fields. The size, sheath, terminations, and ratings can be adapted to your heating requirements.

Level Sensors for Medical Equipment Ensure accurate liquid level sensing in even the most demanding medical applications. Madison's line of compact, precise, and reliable liquid level switches and sensors includes a wide range of sizes and materials for applications such as ventilation, sterilization, dialysis, and more. Call today — 1-800-466-5383 or order online at

Medical Braiding Systems from Steeger USA
Steeger USA
Innovative Plastics for Surgical Instruments
SABIC Innovative Plastics

Medical Braiding Systems from Steeger USA Steeger braiders are workhorses for the medical industry, used in the production of catheters, tubes and invasive, and non-invasive products which need designed flexibility, stiffness, kinkability, torque, and radial strength. Our carrier design unrolls wire from a horizontally placed bobbin, enabling braiding the most tension sensitive materials without coiling or twisting.

Innovative Plastics for Surgical Instruments Explore material solutions for advancing tools for surgery ranging from access devices to hand/mechanical and powered instruments for open and minimally invasive surgeries. As devices become smaller and more complex, the need for miniaturized components calls for specialized materials to achieve strength, durability, and freedom of design. Learn more now.

Indium Corporation Webinar: Indium Corporation Webinar:  Alternative Soldering Alloys for Electronics Manufacturing — May 15, 2012
Alternative Soldering Alloys for Electronics Manufacturing — May 15, 2012

Indium Corporation Webinar: Alternative Soldering Alloys for Electronics Manufacturing — May 15, 2012 On May 15, Indium Corporation will present "Alternative Soldering Alloys for Electronics Manufacturing". Join your peers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE webinar — right from the convenience of your desktop. Learn more about alternative Pb-free alloys and some of the options available today. Register today!

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