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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Improving on Mother Nature

Improving on Mother Nature Coating scientists often look to nature for insights into creating new surface technologies — from sticky gecko feet to slippery lotus flowers. Now, researchers at the University of Cambridge have mimicked the way mother nature makes nacre, the iridescent inside of abalone shells. The team used a mixture of ions and organic components in solution similar to that in the molluscs. The calcium carbonate that precipitates out can be adsorbed to surfaces in layers of well-defined thickness. While the scientists acknowledge that the synthetic nacre is not as versatile as many other composites, the precipitation process is simple and the materials cheap, making the new nacre a viable coating alternative for many applications.

Increase the Life of Metal Parts

General Magnaplate Corporation

Increase the Life of Metal Parts General Magnaplate's coatings increase the life of metal parts by transforming them into corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, super-hard, dry-lubricated parts that last longer, are more cost-efficient, and more reliable. Many of Magnaplate's coatings are USDA, FDA, and Agri-Canada compliment.

Visit us here for a complimentary copy of our coefficient of friction tool on CD.

Achieve Excellent Prepolymer Mechanical

Dow Polyurethanes

Achieve Excellent Prepolymer Mechanical Properties Low-monol polyols from Dow Polyurethanes have nearly true diol functionality over a broad range of molecular weights, enabling the end user to achieve excellent mechanical properties. They are raw materials in the preparation of prepolymers used in coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers that require superior dynamic and mechanical properties.

Reduce Frictional Wear and Increase

Dicronite Dry Lubrication

Reduce Frictional Wear and Increase Performance Dicronite dry lubrication increases the performance of bearings, connectors, sleeves, and other rotating/sliding components in extreme conditions. Eliminates fretting/galling and improves plastic mold performance. Stable from +538 C to cryogenic, ultralow outgassing, and precise 0.5 micron film. Dicronite dry lubrication is AMS2530, RoHS and ISO-10993 compliant, NADCAP accredited. Facilities worldwide. Select territory and OEM licenses available.


Walther Pilot North America

PILOT PREMIUM HVLP-Plus Spray Gun The PILOT PREMIUM from Walther Pilot is not only a new paint spray gun with a dynamic, ergonomic design; it also represents an exciting development in paint spraying technology. The innovative HVLP-Plus nozzle/air cap system (blue air cap) guarantees high material savings while providing an outstanding surface finish.

Optimizing Film and Print Properties . . .
Do Your Films and Print Acceptors Need a Boost?
DuPont™ Capstone® Repellents and Surfactants

Do Your Films and Print Acceptors Need a Boost? Pick from the portfolio of DuPont™ Capstone® fluorosurfactants to obtain the performance benefit you are looking for. The addition of ppm levels of Capstone® fluorosurfactants to your formulation can give you better anti-block, improved antistat properties, reduction in cratering, better film leveling and improved film release, improved (re-)wetting and leveling of coatings for inks, reduction in transfer, and overall improved "printability."

Industrial & Specialty Coatings . . .
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Fast Cure for a Slippery Surface

Fast Cure for a Slippery Surface Nansulate® Diamond, a fast cure, high heat coating developed by Industrial Nanotech, provides thermal insulation, energy savings, corrosion prevention, and resistance to moisture for industrial equipment. The coating has been successfully applied to machines used in automotive manufacture. It is also resistant to weathering and features a non-slip, textured, opaque surface.

Nanostructured Laminate

Nanostructured Laminate Want to enhance the qualities of your metals, polymers, or polymer-based composites? This newly patented nanostructured multilayer coating offers unique structural and functional enhancements to a wide variety of finished and semi-finished components, from sporting goods to automotive parts.

Cleaning & Surface Preparation . . .
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Closing Down the Car Wash

Closing Down the Car Wash Some people love washing their own cars the old fashioned way, with a bucket and a sponge. Well, scientists have created a new self-repairing and self-cleaning coating that may negate the need to ever wash your car again. The coating contains nano-capsules that feature specific functional chemical groups needed for self-repair. And, while a clean car is definitely a selling point, the coating can also be used on larger applications, such as improving the energy output of solar panels and reducing air resistance on airplanes.

Let the Sun Shine In

Let the Sun Shine In Yet another technology promises to keep solar panels free of debris for better sunlight-to-energy conversion. This hydrophobic, nano-thin coating is said to repel dust, pollen, and water for years, reducing damage and maintenance. The coating also shows promise as an anti-corrosion agent on other materials.

The New Benchmark in Color and Gloss


The New Benchmark in Color and Gloss Management Datacolor 45G is a high-accuracy spectrophotometer with integrated gloss measurement. It brings reference-grade performance in a portable instrument. The 45G is ideal for color appearance control of painted surfaces, plastic parts, inks, automotive parts, and other manufactured goods. Learn more...

Solvent and Aqueous Toll Coating Services

Carestream Tollcoating

Solvent and Aqueous Toll Coating Services Carestream Tollcoating provides contract coating services specializing in the application of aqueous and solvent coatings on flexible substrates for display, battery, electronic, inkjet, and other high tech markets. Carestream Tollcoating builds on 100 years of coating leadership to deliver problem-solving expertise in precision coating applications, pilot coating, and formulation development.

Surface Engineering . . .
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Donning a Cape of Superelasticity

Donning a Cape of Superelasticity Fragile carbon nanotube (CNT) aerogels can now be transformed into superelastic materials, thanks to a graphene coating developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon. The coating imparts mechanical properties to the aerogels by strengthening the aerogel's nodes and struts. It also behaves like a spring to break down the new nodes that are formed as a result of compression, enabling the newly elastic material to return to its original shape.

You'll Want These Wrinkles

You'll Want These Wrinkles While wrinkles may be frowned upon by beauty experts, they may be key to many scientific advances, from new microfluidic devices to anti-fouling surfaces to photonics that can control light waves. Researchers at MIT have developed a new process for making wrinkles: they stretch a silicon-based substrate on a frame and then use initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD) to apply a polymer on the substrate. They then release the stretch one direction at a time, creating a controlled herringbone-like pattern. Watch the accompanying video to learn more.

Friction Products & Research . . .
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Not Snake Oil, but Snake Armor

Not Snake Oil, but Snake Armor Scientists are once again studying snakes to learn more about friction and abrasion, this time in hopes of mimicking the surface of their skin to make flexible materials, including artificial implants and armor. Some researchers also believe that studying the friction system of snake skin could lend clues to more efficient propulsion and conveyor systems.

Let It Roll

Let It Roll A new series of motor oils and lubricants features nanospheres of tungsten in the mix, which because of their circular shape, impart a rolling mechanism as the oil coats the engine components, greatly cutting down on friction. The new lube line provides a nano-based protective film that can readily move over and into rough metal surfaces, reducing temperature as well as wear and tear.

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3-Flute Coolant-through Carbide Drill
for Steels


3-Flute Coolant-through Carbide Drill for Steels OSG is proud to introduce a revolutionary 3-flute coolant-through carbide drill for steels — the EXOPRO® Mega Muscle Drill. It is designed specifically for drilling at feed rates 1.5 to 2x faster than 2-flute drills. Its unique design also leads to higher hole accuracy with less work hardening.

Black Anodize for Medical

Anoplate Corporation

Black Anodize for Medical Two-step black anodize provides smut-free coating for medical devices, aerospace components, and optical applications. Features a 100% smut-free coating that will not fade under extremes of light or temperature and meets MIL-A­8625, Type II, Class 2 for black sulfuric anodized aluminum. Find out more...

Leica Microsystems' Webinar: Leica Microsystems' Webinar: Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science — 9/25/2012
Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science — 9/25/2012

Leica Microsystems' Webinar: Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science — 9/25/2012 On September 25th, Leica Microsystems will present "Easy Use of Digital Microscopy for Materials Science". Join your peers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE webinar — right from the convenience of your desktop. Learn more about the history, technology, benefits, and use of digital and optical microscopy methodologies. Register today!

Industry Standards . . .
Dry Coating Thickness Conformance
Assessing Pipeline Corrosion

Dry Coating Thickness Conformance Issued by The Society for Protective Coatings, this standard defines a procedure to determine whether dry coatings conform to the minimum and maximum thickness specified. In particular, SSPC PA 2 describes a procedure for determining shop or field conformance to a specified coating dry film thickness (DFT) range on ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates using nondestructive coating thickness gages.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

Assessing Pipeline Corrosion To improve pipeline safety and prevent future corrosion damage, NACE presents a process for assessing external corrosion of buried onshore ferrous piping systems. The standard, written to provide flexibility, helps an operator tailor the corrosion direct assessment methodology to specific pipeline situations.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

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