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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Smart Grid Modernizes Kansas City Power Delivery

Smart Grid Modernizes Kansas City Power Delivery Demonstration projects sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy are bringing future tech to today's power grid. One example is in Kansas City, where the local utility is retrofitting a midtown substation as part of a smart grid initiative. This particular project is considered an end-to-end demonstration, and is following IEC automated substation schemes to implement automatic load transfers in the event of transformer trouble. Other features are faster bus clearing, redundant overcurrent protection, and triggering of devices to analyze the system response. Transmission & Distribution World indicates that a key component was the rugged industrialized Ethernet rings interconnecting equipment. Two separate networking vendors were used, and the network can recover from a link failure within 50 ms.

Safe Guarding Applications in Food Grade and Harsh Environments
ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems
POLYLINE™ is the Ultimate in Polycarbonate Enclosures
Allied Moulded Products, Inc.

Safe Guarding Applications in Food Grade and Harsh Environments ABB Jokab Safety has decades of experience providing safety systems worldwide to all types of manufacturing companies including harsh environment applications, where the best metal alloy to use is 316 Stainless Steel. Learn more about ABB Jokab Safety's solutions for harsh environments.

POLYLINE™ is the Ultimate in Polycarbonate Enclosures "Industry exclusive" mountings; out-of-the-box flange or adjustable feet. View and compare Data Sheets. Polyline™ features metallic or nonmetallic snap latches and molded-in latch keepers and mounting bosses, a tongue and groove seal design in five sizes. Optional clear cover allows critical equipment to be visible while protected. Browse complete line of non-metallic enclosures.

Surface Mount Mini Gate Drive Transformer Resists EMI
Precious Metals — Turn Your Scrap into Profit
ACH, Inc.

Surface Mount Mini Gate Drive Transformer Resists EMI Low 4.31 mm profile SM580 Gate Drive Transformer provides pulse control in gate drive circuits for MOSFETs and IGBTs in Switch Mode Power Supplies. Features pulse rating of 21 Vµsec (Typ); hi-pot rating of 1500 Vdc. Metal cover helps resist EMI. Request our Gate Drive & Current Sense Sample Kit.

Precious Metals — Turn Your Scrap into Profit ACH, Inc. is a precious metal refiner recovering gold, platinum, palladium, and silver from almost any component. Our focus is medical, aerospace, mining, electronic, power generation, carbide, semiconductor, and all related industries. We guarantee the highest return, pay all shipping charges, and processing fees are waived for first-time customers!

Power Supplies . . .
LVOM Series High Power Density Medical Power Supplies
LHV Power

LVOM Series High Power Density Medical Power Supplies LHV Power's LVOM series of medical grade power supplies offer exceptionally high power density in industry standard form factors. The 3 x 5 in. LVOM-365 provides up to 220 W with natural convection and 365 W with forced air, while the 2 x 4 in. LVOM-160 provides up to 100 W with natural convection and 160 W with forced air.

Features include universal ac input (90~264 Vac), outputs ranging from 3.3~48 Vdc with typical efficiencies of 90%. Available through Nu Horizon or contact directly at

Power Generation, Distribution & Protection . . .
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Mega Japanese Solar Plant

Mega Japanese Solar Plant Solar panel manufacturer Kyocera will provide 290,000 panels which together are capable of generating 70 MW of power on 314 acres of land. This will be the largest facility of its type in Japan, and will make up 40% of the country's solar output. observes that only one Japanese nuclear plant remains in operation, creating a need for alternative energy sources.

Cogen 101

Cogen 101 With cogeneration projects continuing to mushroom, it pays to be familiar with the basic concepts. Sustainable Plant covers the fundamentals of using one fuel to produce electricity and heat simultaneously. Cogen systems are efficient and afford operators local control, but require trained personnel and are mainly suited for 24/7 operations.

Connectors & Relays . . .
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Race to Connect Solid State Lighting

Race to Connect Solid State Lighting The wide range of solid state lighting (SSL) options is eclipsing the classic incandescent bulb, and is also spawning a diverse assortment of connector technologies. covers several manufacturers and the tactics they are taking to support the SSL industry. At stake is the fact that any connector becoming a standard will provide the developer with a huge market.

One Port to Rule Them All

One Port to Rule Them All At least one smartphone is shipping with a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) connector, which enables microUSB to provide video via HDMI, and to support charging. Another developing standard called HDmobile promises similar connectivity but adds USB 3.0 and DisplayPort, says Stay tuned to see if MHL or HDmobile proliferate and eventually dominate.

Capacitor Solutions for Alternative Energy Applications
Aerovox Corp.
Need High-voltage That Lasts Decades?
UltraVolt, Inc.

Capacitor Solutions for Alternative Energy Applications Aerovox Corp. has a diverse film capacitor offering to support your alternative energy applications. The highly technical staff can assist you by recommending a standard capacitor or designing a custom capacitor for your project. Visit to see the recently updated catalogs or call an Aerovox associate to learn more!

Need High-voltage That Lasts Decades? UltraVolt's 10A-25A Series and 30A-40A Series of high-voltage power modules offer at least >400,000 hour MTBF at 65°C, respectively; and a 17 business-day lead time. Output voltages range from 10 kV-40 kV at 4 W-30 W.

Typical applications include electrostatic discharge testers, plasma, wire testers, electrophoresis, mass spectroscopy, electron microscopes, and CRT. Contact us today!

Sensors, RFID & Passive Components . . .
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Power This Flowmeter Your Way

Power This Flowmeter Your Way This insertion electromagnetic clean water flow sensor has flexible power options ranging from line power, to 5-year batteries, to renewable solar or wind power. Control Engineering observes that the submersible housing, local and remote connection options, and application flexibility make this unit ideal for remote sites or portable monitoring.

Wireless Sensor Nodes Run Free

Wireless Sensor Nodes Run Free A wireless sensor node (WSN) is the name given to a device that can gather some sensory information, perform some processing, and communicate with other nodes. Each WSN needs a power source, with energy harvesting being a popular candidate. Electronics Weekly explores some of the design considerations to be evaluated to ensure a successful implementation.

Electrical Design & Applications . . .
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Kinder, Gentler Solar Cells are Nothing to Cough At

Kinder, Gentler Solar Cells are Nothing to Cough At A relative of a tuberculosis-causing bacteria is finding redemption when combined with a dye to create dye-sensitized solar cells. According to, the resulting cells are not more efficient, as the 20-year-old technology has remained at about 11% efficiency, but are friendlier to other organisms and to the environment, as solar cell dyes are often toxic.

Nanotech Snags Wasted Heat

Nanotech Snags Wasted Heat Many types of energy production result in large amounts of waste heat, says Electronic Products, but now researchers have developed a method of coating glass fibers with lead telluride nanocrystals. When the resulting material is heated on one side, electricity is generated at the cooler side. The process can even be reversed to accomplish solid state cooling.

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Frosted Acrylic Lenses for LED Lighting
Crescent Plastics, Inc.
UL Type 4X Polycarbonate Enclosures
Vynckier Enclosure Systems, Inc.

Frosted Acrylic Lenses for LED Lighting Yet another breakthrough in thermoplastic extrusion, Crescent Plastics has developed a new formulation which creates a uniform frosted appearance in acrylic that can be used for an aesthetically appealing surface appearance. Frosted acrylic lenses to radiate diffused lighting for LED light fixtures are just one example.

UL Type 4X Polycarbonate Enclosures Vynckier's comprehensive line of UL Listed Type 4X Polycarbonate Enclosures provide lightweight and corrosion resistant protection to your important electrical or electronic components. Available in many sizes ranging from 2.5 in. x 2.5 in. to 14 in. x 10 in. with opaque or clear covers and metric knockouts.

Contact a Vynckier sales representative today for more information.

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June 21, 2012 - Volume 7 Issue 9
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