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GlobalSpec: Industrial Automation
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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Harnessing the Value Chain for Innovation

Harnessing the Value Chain for Innovation A perfect storm of dynamic market and technological forces is driving manufacturers to put product and process innovation on the fast track. Unfortunately, traditional manufacturing systems preclude the level of information sharing required to exploit the creative potential of the customers, suppliers, and partners in the value chain. Manufacturing Digital looks at how plant managers can create broad industrial intelligence and promote collaboration, leveraging IP networking and cloud-based services to meld plant floor and enterprise systems. Only with this borderless network can manufacturers achieve system-wide communication and collaboration among all stakeholders to enable rapid innovation.

The Pfannenberg Advantage™ Total Solutions Program
Pfannenberg Inc.
Martel MC-1210 Multitasking Calibrator

Martel Electronics Corporation

The Pfannenberg Advantage™ Total Solutions Program The Pfannenberg Advantage™ is a total solutions program designed to reduce your total cost of ownership. Our staff will guide you through a thermal management evaluation — suggesting ideal products including air conditioners, air/water heat exchangers, and chillers — that will reduce your downtime, energy, maintenance, and service costs.

Martel MC-1210 Multitasking Calibrator The MC-1210 gives you a wide array of both inputs and outputs (DC volts, mA, RTD's, TC's, frequency, ohms, and pressure). All these measurements are handled by a dual display, isolated readback channel, and intuitive interface. Truly an all-in-one calibrator and great value. Check out the specifications.

R1420: Compact Computer for Rugged

Sealevel Systems, Inc.
Rugged Waterproof Computer

Small PC

R1420: Compact Computer for Rugged Environments Designed for harsh, industrial environments, the R1420 operates fanless to 50 C. The compact, industrial computer is powered by a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N450 CPU, includes 2 GB RAM, and offers a wealth of standard I/O features including dual Gigabit Ethernet, six USB 2.0, four serial, 8-bit GPIO, audio, and VGA video.

Rugged Waterproof ComputerModel SC240ML. Low power consumption and extreme temperature tolerance. Reliable operation in wet, dirty environments. Supports hot swap drives. Sealed cable set included. Rugged aluminum chassis. CPU options include Core 2 Duo/i3/i5 series. profile

•  No moving parts
•  Completely sealed fanless PC

Excellent Linearity & Repeatability . . .
Compact LVDT That is Big on Features and Functions
RDP Electrosense

Compact  LVDT That is Big on Features and Functions RDP's DCTH series of DC-DC LVDTs offers four ranges up to 0.8 in. (20 mm) in a short body length with selectable outputs of 0-10 or +/-5 V. Units are available with improved linearity and other options including body threads to simplify mounting or match existing tooling. Ideal for machine tool, assembly equipment, control systems, civil engineering, materials testing, and OEM applications.

See what 45 years of design experience with sensors and instrumentation can do for you!

Industrial Computers, Robots & Controllers . . .
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Robots Measure Up

Robots Measure Up Robots routinely handle tasks ranging from material handling to welding. Now you can add measurement and quality control to the list. Using digital stereovision and specialized software, Hexagon Metrology's Cognitens WLS400A makes accurate 3D measurements for automated inspections (see video). The bot is designed to measure large components, analyze potential assembly issues, and reduce scrap costs during assembly ramp-up.

Rebirth of the Relay Controller

Rebirth of the Relay Controller Relays used to have little or no intelligence and were primarily reactive, but that was before their makeover. The new and improved devices sport embedded microprocessors, better software, and enhanced communications, allowing them to support PLCs or take on functions the controllers once performed. Now relays perform control, predictive, and safety functions.

Wireless, Remote & Mobile . . .
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Bridging the Information Gap

Bridging the Information Gap Most remote monitoring systems provide data that must be translated into actionable information before it can be acted upon, creating latency between data delivery and response. This report explains how video monitoring coupled with SCADA can bridge this gap, enabling near-real-time decision making. Included is a review of best practices for efficient network use, control room integration, and avoiding equipment outages.

WirelessHART vs ISA100.11a

WirelessHART vs ISA100.11a The demand for smart devices on the factory floor has spurred the refinement of wireless specifications for industrial environments. WirelessHART and ISA100.11a have moved to center stage to compete for the hearts and minds of manufacturers. ControlGlobal offers a balanced look at the design criteria, architecture, and features of both, highlighting similarities and differences relevant to those selecting a technology for their plant.

Fiberglass Enclosures: Durability and Strength Without the Excessive Weight
Allied Moulded Products, Inc.
Test Solutions for Position Measurement and Simulation
Data Device Corporation (DDC)

Fiberglass Enclosures: Durability and Strength without the Excessive Weight Insulate and house electrical and electronic controls, instruments, or components for indoor/outdoor applications. Empire Series is especially well suited for high temperature or corrosive environments. Protects from dirt, dust, oil, and water. Non-conductive, lightweight vs SS, and fire-resistant. Standard sizes include: eight wall-mount cabinets and two freestanding. A full range of modification available.

Test Solutions for Position Measurement and SimulationSynchro and Resolver angle position measurement to 1 arc minute accuracy, and simulation to 30 arc second accuracy. Learn more.

•  Onboard programmable reference sine oscillator
•  Form factors: PCI, PCIe, and USB
•  Plug-and-Play Windows® GUI, Linux, and LabVIEW® support

Enclosure Air Conditioners and Heat Exchangers
Thermal Edge, Inc.
Solve Cable and Connecting Problems by Wireless Power Supply!
B&Plus USA, Inc.

Enclosure Air Conditioners and Heat Exchangers Condensate evaporation, programmable digital controller, and a thermal expansion valve make Thermal Edge the best choice when needing temperature control inside your heat sensitive electrical enclosures. 1,000 to 24,000 BTU/H, UL and CE Listed and made in the USA. Complimentary Web application for our BTU/H calculator.

Solve Cable and Connecting Problems by Wireless Power Supply!The remote power supply system supplies power inductively from fixed side to moving side and transmits signals between each part. This eliminates the need for using long cables or changing the connectors frequently during power and signal supply for applications such as turn-table, pallet-line, die-changes, etc.

The wireless power upply improves these applications...

Motors & Drives . . .
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It's Not Just About Hardware

It's Not Just About Hardware The shift toward integrating controllers and drives makes easy-to-use configuration software a critical tool when selecting drive options. This piece and related video explain how advances in the software simplify the integration process; streamline configuration, commissioning, and start-up; and eliminate some of the complexity involved in managing the power system.

Selecting Variable-speed Drives

Selecting Variable-speed Drives This variable-speed drive selection guide explains how to use motor specifications and load requirements to determine the optimum drive type, size, and feature set for an application. This includes factors to consider when servicing constant and variable torque loads, interfacing and controlling the inverter, and meeting harmonic and EMC requirements. Balancing these factors improves performance and extends the life of mechanical drive train components.

Instruments, Sensors & Networking . . .
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Integrating Vision

Integrating Vision In the past, vision systems and ID readers required PCs and expensive software to interface with factory networks. The new generation of these systems, however, uses Ethernet technology to streamline direct communications with common automation devices. This study examines the benefits of the shift from device-level interfaces to control-level connectivity and the rich feature set it brings with it.

Testing for Reliability

Testing for Reliability The Fieldbus Foundation has updated its physical layer technology by enhancing the device coupler test specification. The enhancements provide additional evaluations for input impedance, short-circuit reaction time, and bus voltage consumption. The tests aim to reduce associated installation costs, optimize device interoperability, and build confidence that registered equipment will perform optimally in tightly integrated control architectures.

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New Motion Control Options with Bus and Direct PLC Interface
Complete your PLC Technician Certificate Online!
George Brown College

New Motion Control Options with Bus and Direct PLC Interface Looking for simplified communication, superior motion control, and lower installation costs for industrial automation hardware? LINAK introduces iFLEX™ (Intelligent Flexibility) solutions. iFLEX provides design engineers standard options like BUS communication, direct PLC interface, and many more control options — all integrated directly inside LINAK's proven electric linear actuators. Learn more.

Complete your PLC Technician Certificate Online! Study online at your own pace to earn a PLC Technician Certificate. The accredited program prepares you to install, maintain, program, and operate PLCs in industrial systems. Includes PLC simulation software based on the Allen-Bradley format, converting your computer into a virtual PLC. Learn more!

Industry Standards . . .
Gear Nomenclature Defined
A Standard for Instrument Quality Air

Gear Nomenclature DefinedThis standard establishes the definitions of terms, symbols, and abbreviations used to communicate the technology and specifications of external and internal gear teeth. AGMA 1012 provides definitive meanings by the use of words and illustrations for commonly used gearing terms.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

A Standard for Instrument Quality AirThe ISA quality standard for instrument air establishes limits for moisture content; provides limits for entrained particle size and oil content; and dictates standard air supply pressures and operating ranges for pneumatic devices. In addition, the standard sets criteria for testing compliance with instrument-quality air standards.

For more information on IHS standards, visit us here.

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September 20, 2012 - Volume 8 Issue 19
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