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September 15, 2009
Category 4 Non-Contact Locking Safety Switch
Euchner-U.S.A., Inc.
  Category 4 Non-Contact Locking Safety Switch

The Euchner CET Safety switch, with guard locking and guard locking monitoring, achieves the highest level of safety when used in conjunction with our CES evaluation module.

The CET is designed with a sturdy die-cast housing for harsh environments, and it operates under extreme environmental conditions, e.g. dirt, moisture, and ambient temperature. It is highly tolerant to misalignment, and is digitally coded with the highest degree of tamper resistance.

SolidWorks 2010 — See for Yourself!
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.
  SolidWorks 2010 — See for Yourself!

SolidWorks 2010 is coming, and we want to show you how it will optimize the core design functions you stake your career on every day.

So how exactly does SolidWorks 2010 work?

Check out videos highlighting new SolidWorks 2010 capabilities on real-world designs. Pick a capability you're interested in and watch a short demonstration, or settle in and watch all 12. You'll see exactly what SolidWorks 2010 can do for your designs, your career, and your organization.

LabVIEW 2009 — Do More with Next Generation
National Instruments
  LabVIEW 2009 — Do More with Next Generation Technologies

LabVIEW 2009 simplifies development challenges of parallel hardware architectures with multicore programming enhancements and new virtualization technology.

Access other new features, including the ability to run LabVIEW code on NI wireless sensor networks and deploy advanced control algorithms with real-time math capabilities to real-time targets.

Learn more about LabVIEW 2009, and download the complimentary evaluation software.

Turn Customer Demands into Highly-demanded
Siemens PLM Software - Velocity Series
  Turn Customer Demands into Highly-demanded Products

The Siemens answer: Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology 2 delivers up to a 100x faster design experience. You heard about the first Solid Edge with synchronous technology release. Now see Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology 2. The CAD Society just awarded Siemens PLM Software its "Leadership Award" for Synchronous Technology. Four Webinars are available:

• Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology 2
• Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology: Complete
  Digital Prototyping
• Cut Design Costs: Harness 3D with the Simplicity of 2D
• Edit Outsourced CAD Data Faster than the Vendor that
  Supplied It

Call 800-807-2200 for more information.

Twin Gearboxes Power Electric Mercedes
  Twin Gearboxes Power Electric Mercedes

Mercedes Benz has developed an all-electric super sports car — a version of its 2010 SLS Gullwing (video). Four electric motors, driven by two transmissions (one per axle), produce 526 horsepower (392 kW) and 650 pound-feet of torque. Mercedes hopes to simulate the downshifting 'vroom of a combustion engine using software control.

More from Automotive Technology

Today's Desktop 3D Printer Can Produce High-quality Prototypes
Objet Geometries, Inc.
  Today's Desktop 3D Printer Can Produce High-quality Prototypes

Based on Objet's proven PolyJet™ Technology, the Alaris30 Desktop 3D Printer enables designers to create the unique combination of high-quality, finely detailed printed prototypes with a compact office-friendly system. Printing smooth surfaces, complex geometries, small moving elements, fine details, and stand-out text will create the true-to-life parts you need when prototyping your designs.

View this short video to learn more about how Alaris30 can help you shorten your design cycle and propel your business forward.

A Cell Phone Microscope
  A Cell Phone Microscope

Perhaps the next time your lab needs a microscope, you'll be able to pull one right out of your pocket. Researchers in California managed to turn a cell phone into a fluorescent microscope. The engineers were able to use the phone's camera, along with compact microscope lenses and filters, to create this technology. The CellScope may very well have a future as an important piece of field equipment for remote disease screening.

Learn more about digital and video microscopes

Video Shows How Our Galaxy Grows
  Video Shows How Our Galaxy Grows

In astronomy, spectroscopy shows the red- or blue-shift that indicates whether galaxies move toward or away from us. Used at the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope, integral field spectroscopy provides breakthroughs in our understanding of the universe. This New Scientist feature and animation explain.

Learn more about spectrometers

Introducing Microsize, Micropower High-voltage
Power Supplies
UltraVolt, Inc.
  Introducing Microsize, Micropower High-voltage Power Supplies

UltraVolt's new line of microsize and micropower HV power supplies range from 0.08 in.³ to 3 in.³, representing packages less than one-tenth the volume of UltraVolt's existing high-voltage modules. Output voltages range from 0 to 100 V through 0 to 6 kV, at 100 mW to 6 W of output power, with output current ranges from 30 µA to 6 mA. Typical applications include avalanche photo diodes, photomultiplier tubes, micro-channel plates, image intensifiers, electrostatic chucks, scanning electron microscopes, and mass spectrometers.

Enhanced SCM5B48 Accelerometer Input Module
Dataforth Corporation
  Enhanced SCM5B48 Accelerometer Input Module

The enhanced SCM5B48 isolated, field-configurable accelerometer input SCM available from Dataforth is a highly-accurate, low-noise signal conditioning solution for aircraft and aerospace R&D, automotive noise reduction, and environmental/strength of materials applications. Enhancements include accuracy of 0.2% across all gain and excitation settings, and a reduction of output noise to a very low 200 µVrms — essential for accurate measurement. As the circuit is constructed with precision parts, recalibration over time is not necessary.

New Rechargeable Battery Packs
VARTA Microbattery Inc.
  New Rechargeable Battery Packs

New, rechargeable Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, and Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs from VARTA Microbattery provide exceptional energy density. They are available in the size, shape, and form factor that you demand. With more power, small size, enhanced safety, and extended cycle life, these battery packs deliver top performance and superior reliability.

Connect. Protect. Secure.
3M / Optical Systems Division
  Connect. Protect. Secure.

Protect display screens from damage with 3M™ Protection Films. Durable, removable films help maintain a display's flawless finish. 3M™ Anti-Reflection Matte Removable Film (ARMR) offers a matte, glare-minimizing finish. 3M™ Glossy Protection Film provides a durable, gloss finish. 3M™ Mobile Privacy Film uses screen-darkening technology to keep information private.

HarmoniX™ Nanoscale Material Property Mapping
Veeco Instruments
  HarmoniX™ Nanoscale Material Property Mapping

HarmoniX™ is a powerful, new AFM mode providing true nanoscale quantitative material property mapping of adhesion, stiffness, dissipation, peak force, and average force for a wide range of materials! More info...

Need Expert Help in Your Quality Testing Lab?
Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. (ARDL)
  Need Expert Help in Your Quality Testing Lab?

Have your in-house testing capabilities for quality control been reduced? ARDL, Inc. is your one-stop shop for testing rubber, plastic, latex, and problem solving. Visit our Web site for more testing capabilities. More info...

Accurate Low-flow Meters
Flow Technology, Inc.
  Accurate Low-flow Meters

Every application is not created equal. Flow Technology has low-flow solutions for line sizes from 3 mm with high resolution, accuracy to ±0.25%, and repeatability to 0.1%. More info...

Actuator Type GL-N
THK America, Inc.
  Actuator Type GL-N

Made in the U.S.A., THK's new Actuator Type GL-N offers newly-engineered enhancements to offer the best of all actuator features with the unique benefits of Caged Technology. More info...

Size and Shape with Phenom in 30 Secs
FEI Company
  Size and Shape with Phenom in 30 Secs

As important as particle size distribution, the shape and behavior of sub-micron particles is only visible with an electron microscope. Now, you can quickly obtain high-quality, high-resolution sub-micron images. More info...

Sugatsune HG-T Series Torque Hinges
Sugatsune America, Inc.
  Sugatsune HG-T Series Torque Hinges

Sugatsune HG-T Series torque hinges feature RoHS, stainless steel, aluminum, quick release, lift-off, weld-on, detent, butt, concealed, spring loaded, ball bearing, double action, torque, cleanroom, cell phone, damper, and glass hinges. More info...

New Arria II GX Development Kit with 3.75 Gbps
Altera Corporation
  New Arria II GX Development Kit with 3.75 Gbps Performance

Altera's new development kit offers an easy way to design applications using low-cost transceiver FPGAs with high-end capabilities. More info...

Hypertronics New MINI Series
Hypertronics Corporation
  Hypertronics New MINI Series

Hypertronics reduces connector size by 30% while providing maximum signal reliability by using the Hypertac® contacts with 0.30 mm pins, creating a significantly smaller five-signal contact form factor. More info...

Pickups Get a Pick-Me-Up
  Pickups Get a Pick-Me-Up

Remember when your pickup truck was a means for getting from one job-site to another while hauling around materials, tools, and equipment? Well, the pickup still performs those vital functions, but nowadays innovative engineering is transforming your personal 4X4 into a fully-functional "computer-friendly mobile field office." Pull on in and see what's possible for your truck in this archived report.

Learn more about mobile and wireless software

The "Ultimate" Green Construction Project
  The 'Ultimate' Green Construction Project

If there's one high-profile commercial construction project that exemplifies the spirit of the green building movement, it's got to be the new Washington D.C. headquarters of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Refurbished from an existing site, the USGBC's $9 million "uncomplicated" rehabilitative design and construction saved both money and energy. Says the organization's president, "There's something inherently right about recycling an old building." From used carpets to natural light and ventilation, see what else makes this 25,000 sq ft home for the eco-building movement the ultimate green construction project.

More from Building & Design

This Month's Challenge Sponsored by AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.
  'Small Satellies: Past, Present, and Future'

"Small Satellites: Past, Present, and Future" describes the state-of-the-art in microsats, nanosats, picosats, and CubeSats — and the missions they can perform.

Flat Mirror

Why is an image in a very flat (plane) mirror reversed left/right but not up/down? Also, what causes the left/right reversion?

Answer / Discuss

Fiber Optic White Paper

"There have been many types of connectors developed for fiber cable. A connector is used to join a fiber cable to a transmitter or receiver, or is used to join together strands of fiber. A connector for fiber is similar in concept to a traditional electrical connector, but the fiber connector is actually more delicate, as it must precisely align the internal fibers to insure a proper flow of data through the cables." Read this article in its entirety.

This article is provided by N-TRON Corp.

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