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Methane-to-Methanol Process Improved

Methane is a cheap and abundant gas that oil and gas companies simply burn off to the atmosphere. Now, Swiss chemists have discovered a way to convert methane into liquid methanol using a low temperature/high pressure. Read more

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HMIs Adapt to Changing Factory Dynamics

Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) aren't what they used to be. Learn how new HMI designs integrate mobile technologies and HTML5 (see video) to facilitate data sharing. Read more

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Smart Sensors Identify When Motors Need Servicing

Smart sensors that attach directly to low-voltage motors measure vibration, temperature, and overload and calculate power consumption. These devices can reduce downtime 70% and extend motor lifetime 30%. Read more

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Edgetech Instruments Inc.

Precision Hygrometer for Heated Industrial Process

Edgetech Instruments unique DPS precision chilled mirror hygrometers are designed to extract gas samples from heated processes and measure dew point. Options include blowback filter...

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Pittsburgh Corning (FOAMGLAS® insulation)

Quality Accessories for Proven Performance

Our new PITTSEAL® 444NS sealant provides several distinct advantages. This specially formulated butyl compound is used for sealing joints in FOAMGLAS® insulation systems.

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Micro-Epsilon Group

Confocal Displacement and Thickness Measurement

The IFC confocal series can measure any target opaque or transparent, liquid or solid, with the highest precision. Profiling of curved specular or transparent targets is possible.

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Balance Baghouse Filter Operation

Baghouse filters are rugged and versatile, but must be considered. A dust cake can become so thick, for example, the pressure drop across it requires excessive energy. Read more

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Feedwater Heaters Deserve Your Attention

Feedwater heaters (FWHs) reduce the amount of fuel required to bring the water up to temperature. Learn how best maintenance and monitoring practices prevent equipment downtime. Read more

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Case Studies Prescribe High-flow Metering Pump

With double the flow rate of previous models, this peristaltic metering pump promises to become a favorite among process engineers in the water/wastewater industries. Read more


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