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Putting Principles of Sustainability to Work on Machines

The concept of "sustainable" is commonly applied to products, but the need for energy and material efficiency is just as acute in automation. As engineers deploy technologies to improve machine efficiency, considerable attention is placed on motors, where payback can be less than two years. In fact, designers of a high-speed palletizing machine — employing four sustainability principles identified by their partner Bosch Rexroth — created a system that consumes 20% less energy while speeding cycle times 15-20%. A significant part of the contribution comes from power-source regeneration, which until now, was less common in packaging than in machine tools with high-speed spindles.

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Improve Plant Energy Efficiency and Power Quality
Mesta Electronics, Inc.

Extend the life of plant equipment. Avoid punitive utility fees. Mesta DPM™ (Digital Power Manager) a true Active Harmonic Filter dramatically reduces harmonic distortion caused by non-linear loads. A single DPM™ can correct for multiple plant loads, provide instantaneous harmonic correction, near unity power factor, and facilitate IEEE 519-1992 compliance.

ThermoWrap Blankets — Energy Savings for Industry
Firwin Corp.

ThermoWrap™ Removable insulation Blankets reduce heat loss in areas that have been uneconomical to insulate with conventional insulation. Temperatures as high as 2,000 F can be brought to acceptable safety levels for personnel protection.

ThermoWrap™ offers a convenient way to improve production efficiencies while lowering energy costs and increasing facility profitability.

Key Steps for Making an Efficient HVAC Upgrade

Direct Drive Turbine Developments The HVAC system should be the heart and soul of any building's efficiency upgrade because it accounts for 33% of commercial building energy use. It follows that when the HVAC system is designed and implemented correctly, it can provide a great opportunity for big gains in operational efficiency. According to Environmental Systems Design, building owners should be aware of pitfalls to avoid and steps that can be taken to ensure that HVAC upgrade projects will be completed on time, on budget, and on target. This extensive article outlines both how to prepare beforehand, and how to proceed once the project is underway.

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Reduce Maintenance and Energy Costs
Unique Technologies Associates

This dry graphite lubricant can make most bearings spin-free! The bearings never need re-lubrication and will not drip oil or grease. Acceptable temperatures are from -150 F to +660 F. More about Unique Technologies Associates.

Pure Power with 3-phase UPS Systems
Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite's 3-phase UPS Systems provide on-line double conversion operation that continuously delivers pure sine wave output, isolating connected systems and equipment from power problems. A compact footprint saves valuable floor space for critical systems. And with up to 96% efficiency, you save on power and cooling costs, too.

Lower your Energy: Complimentary LED Lighting Analysis & Report
Energy Management Products

LED Lighting Solutions takes the guesswork out of buying the right LED Lighting. We are LED lighting experts. We provide a complimentary consultation to ensure you are buying the right solution. LED street lights, garage lighting, indoor lighting, and more to save you energy and money.

OptoEMU Makes Energy Monitoring Simple
Opto 22

Get real-time energy data and start reducing your energy costs. Easy-to-use OptoEMU Sensor from Opto 22 helps you eliminate assumptions and pinpoint problems.

• Monitor whole building, subpanels, equipment
• View energy data online

Manufactured and supported in the U.S.A. Product support is included. See the OptoEMU Sensor now.

Relying on Pure Water
Dow Water & Process Solutions


Ultrapure water is integral to the manufacturing process in numerous industries, including semiconductor plants and microelectronics manufacturers. Dow Water & Process Solutions plays a critical role in producing pure water that advances these operations and helps to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency.

Variable Frequency Drives Enable Sustainability

Turbulence Modeling Tames Tight Turbines Variable frequency drive (VFD) technology has evolved and improved, resulting in technology well suited to reduce energy consumption. VFDs are best used in applications that require variable power output and precise speed control. According to drive makers, by closely controlling input power to motors, VFDs can cut energy usage from 10% to 50%. The drives also reduce stress on equipment, extending the life of assets.

Instruments — Smart and Smarter

Turbine Transformer Tips Sensors and instruments have progressed over the last few decades from manual control, to pneumatics, to single-loop controllers and chart recorders, on to analog electronic signals and now to digital smart communications. Some would say the development was from "dumb" to "smart" to "intelligent". Plant Engineering traces the history, comparing and contrasting the evolution of various styles. More importantly, the article describes the extended information that's now available, and how to unlock this information to enable optimal control, improved efficiency, reduced energy costs and minimized downtime.

Achieve Agility Through Feedforward Control

Bird and Bat Science This in-depth tutorial explains how feedforward control helps manufacturers respond to fluctuating market demands, raw material availability, and energy prices to achieve sustainability. The mechanism enhances fed-batch and continuous processes by preemptively changing process flows in concert to accommodate shifts in production rates and product grades. This enables key PID controllers to provide consistent product quality.

Artificial Intelligence as Your Virtual Plant Operator

Taming Transport Bottlenecks Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be coming soon to control rooms, in light of the recent success by IBM's supercomputer Watson on the quiz show Jeopardy!. Watson demonstrated the ability to make intelligent decisions based on available data that it was able to access and retrieve quickly. Today's process plants are outstanding candidates for AI automation in light of the huge amount of quantifiable data available, and the specific process and performance goals desired. observes that the first implementation steps would likely sit "on top" of existing controls, and would make recommendations that could be considered by the operators. Another possible AI role could be in capturing operating system knowledge.

Give Operators More Energy Control

Ultra-capacitors Make Their Pitch Many manufacturing managers are missing an opportunity to achieve greater energy savings by not including operators in energy-use decision making. Motors consume 64% of the power used by industry. Yet for nearly half the manufacturers, energy use is not an active part of control decisions. This opinion piece asserts that if automation and electrification were integrated, manufacturing plants could realize savings as high as 10%.

VSDs More Than Just Energy Savers

Driving Drivetrain Reliability Speed and torque control along a production line — thanks to variable-speed drives (VSDs) in motors, conveyors, mixers, etc. — leads to a more consistent-quality end product. This article, published in Motors & Drives, explains how VSDs benefit food and beverage manufacturers beyond just saving energy, namely by delivering increased throughput, shock-load prevention, and more.

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