Planing Tools

(29 companies)
Planing tools are used for surfacing planing on flat surfaces and gear teeth.

Tool Monitors

(31 companies)
Tool monitors optimize machine tool operating conditions based on feedback from a sensor or probe.

Burnishing Tools

(37 companies)
Burnishing tools are used to impart a gloss or fine surface finish, often in processes that involve the cold working of metal surfaces.

Pneumatic Tools

(280 companies)
Pneumatic tools are powered by the flow and pressure of a compressed gas. Typically, these hand-held power tools use compressed air or compressed carbon dioxide that is stored in small canisters for portability.
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Banding and strapping tools are handheld devices that are used to hold an otherwise loose load firmly together. Banding tools are used to tightly band the outside of a collection of objects while strapping tools are designed to apply strapping in tension.

Tool Posts

(27 companies)
Tool posts are used to hold cutting tools. They allow for rapid tool changeover and provide a high degree of position repeatability and indexing.

Tool Holders

(360 companies)
Tool holders (toolholders) are the physical interface between tooling and the machine tool. They vary in terms of machine-mount styles and are designed to perform specific applications.

Turning Tools

(161 companies)
Turning tools are used on lathes for cutting or finishing the outside diameter of a workpiece.

Tool Presetters

(31 companies)
Tool presetters are to set-up cutting tools before they are installed in the machine. They are set to precise and repeatable positions in an offline fixture or machine, and include precision measuring systems.

Knurling Tools

(52 companies)
Knurling tools are used to impart a regular surface pattern on the outside of a part for gripping or aesthetic purposes. Often, the imparted pattern is diamond shaped or parallel.

Tool Blanks

(74 companies)
Tool blanks are ungrounded rods or inserts for subsequent grinding, geometry, and edge design and fabrication.

Boring Tools

(305 companies)
Boring tools are used to cut or finish the inner diameter of holes.

Power Tools

(906 companies)
Power tools include a wide range of devices for fabrication, assembly, construction, and repair. They are usually motor-driven.
Deburring and chamfering tools are used to clean edges after machining. Deburring tools remove flashing and other unwanted edge properties caused by cutting or machining. A chamfer is a beveled edge at the intersection of two surfaces so the surfaces are typically at 45 degrees.