Mining Shovels

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Mining shovels are large excavation tools used in surface mining applications to strip overburden materials and load coal, mineral ores, sand, and other natural resources. services help organizations achieve project goals and objectives within scope, time, and budgetary constraints. They can also help optimize the allocation of resources and integrate the inputs that will drive the completion of the project's...
...modules, interfaces, and data for a system, to satisfy specified requirements. Testing, Inspection, and Certification. Condition evaluation - Condition evaluation is performed by firms with expertise and resources for objective testing of a client's...
Mapping and surveying services perform all of the activities that involve the physical measurement of land areas, including field surveying and data collection operations as well as the creation of maps using existing or acquired data.
Educational and training software is used in applications such as distance learning, online training, and more specific programs such as equipment training and support.

Hydro Turbines

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...reaction, and submersible propeller. All produce clean energy or green energy --power from renewable resources. Impulse turbines produce electricity when nozzles spray jets of water from a penstock onto the buckets of a runner. These hydro turbines do...


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Satellites are manmade objects placed in orbit above the Earth for a variety of civil, scientific, and military applications, such as communications, environmental monitoring, navigation, and reconnaissance.

Blades (wind turbine)

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...specification provides guidelines for the full-scale structural testing of wind turbine blades and for the interpretation or evaluation of results, as a possible part of a design verification of the integrity of the blade. Resources. Wind Turbines...
...instructions of products and systems. It is important to mention that the NEIS are submitted for approval by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Resources: Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Technologies. How PV Cells Work. Photovoltaic Power...

Flywheel Power Systems

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...for flywheel assemblies. The test is designed to determine the rotational speeds at which a flywheel will either burst or withstand a specified limiting speed. Resources: About Flywheel Energy Storage. Carbon Fiber Flywheel Technology. Flywheel Technology...

Solar Panels

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...panels. Spacecraft charging induced electrostatic discharging test materials. Resources. Solar-Grid-Tie or Off-Grid. Image credit: Cannon Water Technologies Inc.

Wind Turbines

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...installation instructions of products and systems. It is important to mention that the NEIS are submitted for approval by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Resources: Anatomy of a Wind Turbine. Energy From the Wind. Wind Research. Wind...
...and distributors must provide means for consumers to return used or obsolete equipments without charge. Resources. Northeast Advanced Technological Education Center - Abe Michelen...


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Plywood is a type of board made from thin sheets of wood. The layers are glued together, each with its grain at right angles to adjacent layers for greater strength.

Database Tools Software

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Database tools software is used to create and manage databases, structured collections of records that are stored in a computer system.