Digital Potentiometers

(53 companies)
Digital potentiometers are three-terminal resistors with an adjustable center connection. To set the output resistance, a digital signal is sent through an electrical interface.

Digital Video Recorders

(516 companies)
Digital video recorders record and store video camera output in digital form on disk.

Digital Cameras

(140 companies)
Digital Cameras are cameras that take still photographs, and sometimes have limited video capabilities, by recording images on an electronic image sensor.

Digital Panel Meters

(619 companies)
Digital panel meters measure and display processes and electrical variables via an alphanumeric digital readout.

Digital Timers

(251 companies)
Digital timers keep track of timing, either to trigger an action or to start timing once triggered by an action, or both.
Digital and video microscopes are instruments that use digital technology to magnify images of objects. They include built-in cameras and a series of high-powered lenses that provide superior image quality and resolution.

Digital Audio Systems

(157 companies)
Digital audio systems electronically record and store audio signals such as voice, music, alarm, and security messaging for broadcast, editing, monitoring, and playback.
Digital resistance meters are instruments that measure electrical resistance. They use solid-state components and display values digitally.

Digital Counters

(196 companies)
Digital counters are electronic devices that perform a variety of counting functions. They may count single actions, provide totalizing, or perform other calculations.

Digital Bargraphs

(74 companies)
Digital bargraphs measure process and electrical variables such as pressure, flow, temperature, speed, current, and voltage. There are two main types of products: light emitting diode (LED) and liquid crystal display (LCD).

Platforms and Walkways

(401 companies)
Platforms and walkways are equipment access structures that enable regular maintenance and inspection activites at elevated workspaces. Systems incorporate structural supports, walking surface decking or planks, framing, hardware, and accessories such as handrails, access gates, stairs, ladders, and kick plates.
Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) chips transform information from analog to digital form.
Digital-to-analog converter (DAC) chips convert digital signals that represent binary numbers into proportional analog voltages.
Digital signal processors (DSPs) are specialized microprocessors designed specifically for digital signal processing, usually in real-time. DSPs can also be used to perform general-purpose computations, but are not optimized for this function.

Digital Pressure Gauges

(311 companies)
Digital pressure gauges use electronic components to convert applied pressure into usable signals. The gauge readout has a digital numerical display.