...or impedance style sensors, a material absorbs moisture, which changes its resistivity or impedance. In strain gage instruments, a material absorbs water, expands and is measured with a strain gage. Psychrometers, often called wet/dry bulbs, measure...
Dimensional gages and instruments provide quantitative measurements of product or component dimensional and form attributes such as wall thickness, depth, height, length, inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), taper or bore.

Gage Blocks

(115 companies)
Gage blocks are manufactured to precise gagemaker tolerance grades for calibrating, checking, and setting fixed and comparative gages.

Height Gages

(164 companies)
Height gages are used for measuring the height of components or product features.

Snap Gages

(62 companies)
Snap gages are used in production settings where specific diametrical or thickness measurements must be repeated frequently with precision and accuracy.

Ring Gages

(123 companies)
Ring gages are used for go / no-go assessment compared to the specified dimensional tolerances or attributes of pins, shafts, or threaded studs.

Air Gages

(102 companies)
Air gages use pneumatic pressure and flow to measure or sort dimensional attributes.

Depth Gages

(170 companies)
Depth gages are used to measure of the depth of holes, cavities, or other component features.

Fixed Gages

(76 companies)
Fixed gages are designed to access a specific attribute based on comparative gaging. These gages are used for quickly assessing approximate size in a go / no-go manner.

Thread Gages

(185 companies)
Thread gages are dimensional instruments for measuring and/or verifying thread size, pitch or other parameters.

Thickness Gages

(388 companies)
Thickness gages are used to make precise dimensional measurements on coatings and materials such as steel, plastic, glass, rubber, ceramics, paint, electroplated layers, and enamels.
Masters and setting gages provide dimensional standards for calibrating other gages.
Form gages and form gaging systems are used to inspect parameters such as roundness, angularity, squareness, straightness, flatness, runout, taper and concentricity.

Bore and ID Gages

(202 companies)
Bore and ID gages are designed for internal diameter dimensional measurement or assessment.
Protractors and angle gages measure the angle between two surfaces of a part or assembly.