Serial communication products are used in industrial and commercial systems to transmit data bit-by-bit, or sequentially, over a single wire. They include serial servers, serial hubs, serial adapters, serial data converters, serial routers, and serial multiplexers.

Network Modems

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Network modems (modulators-demodulators) are devices or programs that allow computers to transmit data over telephone lines. They convert digital computer data to analog sound waves and then demodulate the carrier signals to decode the transmitted information.
Operating system software includes platforms for operating, managing, and monitoring industrial networks and computers.
Network cards and network controllers are expansion boards inserted into computers that allow them to connect to a network.

Rules and Length Gauges

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Rules and length gauges are flat, graduated scales used for length measurement. For OEM applications, digital or electronic linear scales are often used.

Network Appliances

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...for: network admission control (NAC). firewall security. virtual private networks (VPN). traffic management functions. Some products are used as web servers, cache servers, or file servers. Although most network appliances are not as powerful...

Tool Kits

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Tool kits contain different types and sizes of tools, often in a convenient carrying case.
Wire, cable and connector tools are used to assemble and install wires, cables and connectors.
Terminal and junction boxes are used to house electrical components and facilitate wiring.

Terminal Blocks

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Terminal blocks are modular, insulated blocks that secure two or more wires together. Terminal blocks consist of an insulating body and a clamping device. Their flexibility allows wiring to be centralized and makes it easier to maintain complex control circuits.

Network Switches

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Network switches connect network devices to host computers and allow a large number of devices to share a limited number of ports. They increase network capacity and speed by examining and filtering data packets. Switches also regenerate forwarded packets, reducing collision rates and permitting the use of additional nodes.
Specialty fibers, fabrics and textiles are based upon a unique composition, weave, or technology, and are designed for specialized applications.

VoIP and IP Telephony

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...and firewalls. Typical VoIP Setup. Graphic credit: Wikimedia Commons. Network hubs serve as the central location for attaching wires to workstations. A data switch connects computing devices to host computers, allowing a large number of devices...
Power line network equipment uses existing electrical power lines as carriers for data communications signals. They sometimes have lower bandwidths compared to networks that use dedicated fiber optic, coaxial cable, or twisted pair carriers.

Network Gateways

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...the network switch, determines the path that the packet follows. This diagram depicts a gateway server used by four networked computers. In this example, the gateway server also functions as a firewall. Image Credit: HowtoForge. Types of Network Gateways...