Optical spectrum analyzers (OSA) can divide a lightwave signal into its constituent wavelengths. This means that it is possible to see the spectral profile of the signal over a certain wavelength range.
Oil sensors and oil analyzers are used in automotive or industrial machinery applications to sense oil levels, and check for contamination, and particulates, viscosity and/or temperature.

Texture Analyzers

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Texture analyzers evaluate the cohesiveness, spreadibility, fracturability, tackiness, gumminess, firmness, pliability, consistency and other texture characteristics of foods, rubber, foams, coatings, grease, asphalt and other materials.

Fluid Feedthroughs

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Fluid feedthroughs use a hermetic seal to transmit fluids through the walls of a pressurized or vacuum system. Devices include nitrogen, air, and water feedthroughs.
Calorimeters and thermal analyzers contain a heat source that can deliver a heat flux, at a distinct temperature, into a sample, and a temperature-measuring device that can read the resultant change in temperature.
Fluid heat transfer systems circulate thermal fluid through process equipment to maintain an even, consistent temperature profile.
Network analyzers and protocol analyzers are test equipment used to troubleshoot and analyze network problems.
Fluid dispensing equipment includes all manner of devices that dispense, mix and dispense, or mix, meter and dispense fluid media.
Total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers measure the amount of total organic carbon present in a liquid sample.
Volatile organic compound (VOC) analyzers are used to detect concentrations of heavy hydrocarbons in gas or liquid media.
Fluid transfer pump systems are used in processing, water purification and desalination, or liquid handling applications.

Elemental Analyzers

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Elemental Analyzers are used for analyzing the Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur content of organic materials.

Audio Analyzers

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Audio analyzers measure the noise and audio spectrum of output from an amplifier or a stereo.

Residual Gas Analyzers

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Residual gas analyzers (RGAs) identify the gases present in vacuum environments.

Power Supplies

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Power supplies are electrical devices that deliver electric power to one or several loads. They generate the output power by converting an input signal into an output signal.