Process equipment and system integration services provide modular systems and components used to process fluids, oil, gases, sea water and powders. This product area includes process skids, distillation equipment, evaporators, desalination systems, secondary recovery systems, chemical injection systems, and solvent recovery systems.

HPLC Detectors

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...cell. Electrochemical detectors measure the current from the oxidation/reduction reaction of an analyte at a suitable electrode. Radiochemical detectors use tritium or carbon-14 to detect the fluorescence associated with beta-particle ionization...
Data storage management software is designed for database management, data backup and recovery, and other data management functions.
Filtration system and filter repair services inspect, refurbish, repair, and clean filtration systems, tramp oil separators, centrifuges, coolant recycling units, coalescers, lubricant recovery systems, wash water clarifiers, and filtration components. This work ensures filtration systems meet a minimum contamination standard.

Microarray Scanners

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Microarray Scanners are used to perform microarray analysis by acquiring images of laser induced fluorescence.

Door Closers

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Door Closers close a door after it has been manually opened.

Hand Dryers

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Hand dryers are electric-powered appliances that are used to dry hands after they have been washed.

Fiber Recoaters

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Fiber recoaters restore the primary coating to stripped optical fiber sections after splicing.

Dewatering Equipment

(216 companies) method. However, the same performance specifications and design considerations are applicable to all dewatering technologies. Specifications that describe dewatering performance include cake dryness, solids recovery and drying time. Considerations...

Microplate Readers

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The most common assay (examination and determination as to characteristics) types are absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence. Microplate readers are generally configured to accept one of the three common microplate size configurations --either 96...


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...through small holes into the path of high-velocity steam. After injection, the water is atomized into small drops and quickly evaporated by absorbing the superheat. Measurement of the steam temperature downstream is used to control the amount of water...


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Electromagnets use electric current to generate a magnetic field which can be turned on or off as needed. They are made from a softer iron which quickly dissipates the induced magnetism after the current is switched off.
Lifeboats and life rafts are small, rigid or inflatable boats for the emergency evacuation of a vessel. They provide refuge from open water conditions to increase the survivability of passengers and crew after abandoning an unseaworthy vessel.


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Proppants are synthetic or natural grains, such as coated sand or sintered bauxite ceramics, that hold fissures open around the wellbore to enhance fluid extraction after hydraulic fracturing processes.

Resettable PTCs

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Resettable (polymeric or positive temperature coefficient -  PTC) fuses are unlike traditional fuses that have to be replaced after a fault condition, this may not be necessary when using resettable fuses. The internal resistance of the component increases in response to an overcurrent or a short-circuit condition, limiting subsequent disturbances. After the fault condition is removed, the device cools and the internal resistance drops to nearly its initial value, permitting normal equipment operation to resume.