VoIP Software

(52 companies)
VoIP software is used to conduct telephone-like voice conversations across IP-based networks.

Barcode Software

(216 companies)
Barcode software identifies or decodes barcode symbology, generates output strings corresponding to barcode values, creates barcode fonts, prints barcodes, and/or performs tracking, etc.

Robot Software

(36 companies)
Robot Software is used for programming robots to insturt the device to perform certain autonomous tasks.
Graphing and visualization software visually present abstract scientific data. The programs take numerical data and create (render) images for analysis.
Environmental management software is used to support regulatory compliance, air pollution control, chemical safety, and environmental management.
Software development services design custom software for a variety of applications.

E-Mail Software

(26 companies)
E-mail software allows users to send e-mail, a form of electronic messaging that allows computer users to communicate.

Scheduling Software

(68 companies)
Scheduling Software is Software used to program and schedule processes and tasks.
Software testing and usability services evaluate software for performance, quality, user documentation, code documentation, compliance to standards and user friendliness for markets such as desktop, mobile, ecommerce, visualization and gaming.
Data acquisition software is designed to collect, record, store, present and analyze data collected from sensors and other digital devices.
Educational and training software is used in applications such as distance learning, online training, and more specific programs such as equipment training and support.
Test, inspection and measurement software is used to design, automate and implement the testing of instruments and equipment, and the measurement of device parameters.

Graphics Software

(153 companies)
Graphics software is used to produce video graphics and to edit and convert graphic files of different formats. These types of software include raster graphics, vector graphics, raster to vector conversion (R2V), and others.
Manufacturing support software is used in shop floor, process, tool and maintenance management.

Biometrics Software

(35 companies)
Biometrics software is used to confirm or determine a person 's identify based upon physiological or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprints, retinas or irises, voice and facial patterns, and hand measurements.