Integrated circuit (IC) linear voltage regulators use voltage-controlled sources to force a fixed voltage to appear at their output terminal.

Air Pressure Regulators

(410 companies)
Air pressure regulators control pressure in air lines (usually adjustable) to remove fluctuations and maintain consistent pressure for pneumatic devices.

Voltage Regulators

(174 companies)
Voltage regulators are power converters that provide voltage control capabilities. They accept a voltage that varies over a given range and generate an output voltage that does not vary.
IC switching voltage regulators are integrated circuits (ICs) that store energy in an inductor, transformer, or capacitor and then use this storage device to transfer energy from the input to the output in discrete packets over a low-resistance switch.

Tank Monitoring Systems

(21 companies)
Tank monitoring systems provide remote tracking of tank fill levels to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime.
Filter, regulator, lubricator (FRL) assemblies are pre-packaged or modular assemblies of air filters, regulators, lubricators, and gauges.

Water Heaters

(418 companies) heat re-circulated streams of water, for direct immersion in an open tank or vessel, or to operate as a booster heater to increase the fluid stream temperature at or near its point of use. The selection of water heaters should be done on the basis...

Check Valves

(1,921 companies)
...valves are rated for air, compressed air, water, hot water, cold water, potable water, salt water, wastewater, gasoline, diesel fuel, high-purity gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas, sour gas, corrosive gas, abrasive material, acids, corrosive...

Tank Cleaning Machines

(25 companies)
Tank cleaning machines wash out the internal surfaces of a storage, marine or process tanks using rotary spray heads, jet heads, static spray balls, or clean-in-place systems

Gas Instruments

(935 companies)
Gas instruments detect, monitor or analyze gases present in an environment.

Combustion Engines

(251 companies)
...often require warming up under very cold conditions before use. Diesel engines also provide more torque than gasoline engines. Liquefied propane gas (LPG) is a mixture of propane and butane which is a gas at standard conditions but can be stored...

Industrial Gases

(328 companies)
...suppliers typically provide the gas as well as the storage and processing equipment necessary to facilitate transportation and proper usage. Industrial gas equipment may include storage tanks and distribution systems, vaporizers and pressure vessels...
Manifolds and manifold systems are fluid-distribution devices. They range from simple supply chambers with several outlets to multi-chambered flow control units including integral valves and interfaces to electronic networks.

Gas Generation Equipment

(346 companies)
Gas generation equipment provides an onsite supply of gas, vapor, or humidity (water vapor). It eliminates the need for delivery in gas cylinders, which can be bulky and may have special storage requirements. introducing a gas to induce or maintain flow of a liquid in a storage tank, tank cars, or vessel. It can also be used to maintain the pressure in a system to prevent influx of contaminants, or to maintain a fuel gas at a pressure suitable for combustion...