Mechanical Timers

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Mechanical timers are used to actuate devices at the end of a specified time period. They do not require electrical power and can be stored for long periods of time.
Mechanical vacuum pumps and systems contain devices such as pistons, claws, scrolling spirals, and diaphragms to isolate and compress air.
Mechanical brake and clutch assemblies consist of elements for both the connection and disconnection of shafts (clutch) and for the slowing or stopping of shafts (brake) in equipment drives.
Mechanical safety interlock switches couple a moveable guard door with the power source of the hazard. When the guard door is opened, the power is isolated, ensuring that the machine does not pose a hazard while an operator requires access.
Wire rope and mechanical cable is wound from high-strength metal strands for structural, mechanical actuation and motion control applications.


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Flywheels have a high mass and are connected to a rotating shaft that smoothes the delivery of torque, or turning power, from a motor or engine. The inertia of flywheels allows them to absorb and release energy with little change in speed.
Mechanical contracting services include the installation of HVAC equipment, HVAC controls, ducting and any other mechanical equipment incorporated within a building.

MEMS Foundry

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...basis, in prototype to production quantities. MEMS are micro scale systems (~100 microns) that include both mechanical and electrical devices integrated on a single die or chip. MOEMS are micro-optical-electromechanical systems consisting of MEMS devices...
Mechanical control cables provide a push-pull or other action to mechanically actuate components. Mechanical control cables consist of mechanical cable with attached eyes, forks, studs, handles or other fittings.
Mechanical testing is the process of physically applying a stimulus to a mechanical system. These stimuli can be displacements, heat, forces, pressures or other physical stress that may be placed on the object being tested. Mechanical testing can be used to verify the key performance attributes of the material, part or complete mechanical system in question.
Mechanical Control Levers use a mechanical lever and mechanical cables as control devices. Uses might include throttle, shift , brake and others. These are devices that allow an operator to move the lever with a mechanical linkage that moves the corresponding control in relation to the lever movement. These type of devices are often used where fly by wire electronic type controls are less desirable for various reasons.
Mechanical assembly services are contract manufacturing and fabrication services that assemble mechanical parts, components, equipment, and systems.
Mechanical engineering services apply the principles of physics to the analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. They are staffed by professional mechanical engineers and trained technicians.
Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries consist of surface active chemicals and microabrasive grains in a liquid dispersion.


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...of an electrical charge in a material due to mechanical stress. Piezoelectric accelerometers use some type of piezoelectric material in close proximity to a solid mass. When acceleration forces are applied to the device, the material responds...