Security Seals

(115 companies)
Security seals are safety products that visually identify if a seal, container, package or enclosure has been opened.

Metal Ring Seals

(78 companies)
Metal ring seals are static devices that can withstand high operating temperatures, pressures, and vacuums. They can also withstand cryogenic conditions and high face-to-face cycling.
Form, fill and seal machines are packaging equipment that uses flexible, heat-sealable, plastic film to form packages that can be filled with a product and then sealed, and cut.
Sealers and seal coatings are used to seal surfaces or to form a barrier on a surface. They differ from sealants, which are used to seal joints or gaps between surfaces.
Petroleum products and mineral oil products include substances such as fluids and greases.
...mixing and injection, often to oil and gas drilling operations. This prevents water penetrating into a well, seals the annulus after installing a casing string, and also plugs a well. Components of a cementing unit include: Mounting platform...
...for a positive seal from the formation. There or two basic types of casing centralizers, bow-spring and rigid centralizers. Bow spring centralizers are slightly larger in diameter than the well bore, so they become slightly compressed when inserted...


(758 companies)
O-rings are solid-rubber seals that are shaped like a doughnut. When pressed between two mating surfaces, O-rings block the passage of liquids or gases.

Bearing Isolators

(49 companies)
Bearing isolators are dynamic seals designed to protect bearings from outside contaminants. They are comprised of a rotor (rotating) and stator (stationary) member.

Machine Way Wipers

(46 companies)
Machine way wipers provide a seal between a machine slide or way and a stationary surface.

Piston Rings

(110 companies)
Piston rings are used for sealing cylinders. They can work at higher temperatures than elastomeric, fabric, or polymer seals.


(14 companies)
Waterstops are static seals used between joints in concrete structures to prevent the passage of water or other fluids.

Gaskets and Gasketing

(1,353 companies)
Gaskets are used to prevent fluid or gas leaks by providing a barrier between two mating surfaces. The gasket must be able to maintain a seal under pressure and temperature changes. A number of different gaskets are available: pre-cut compression...
...are also desirable properties. Temperature: The oil or fluid must dissipate heat buildup caused by pressure drops, friction, and leakages. In outdoor systems, oils must remain stable in low-temperature environments. Low foaming properties: The fluid must...

Sealing Machines

(399 companies)
Sealing machines are machines that are used to close and seal an individual package or to provide a long continuous horizontal or vertical seal.