Dispensing Valve Systems

(154 companies)
Dispensing valve systems are designed to provide precise fluid dispensing depending on applications. The dispensed output can be a bead, dot, flat spray, round spray, or fill (potting). The type of dispensing pattern from dispensing valve systems is determined by valve design and is dependent on dispensed fluid properties.

Powder Coating Equipment

(127 companies)
Powder coating equipment is used to spray resin powder onto the surface of a pre-heated component, where the powder fuses and cures producing a protective coating.

Spray Washers

(235 companies)
Spray washers clean parts with a directed, pressurized spray of hot water, detergent or cleaning solution.

Spray Tanks and Cups

(50 companies)
Spray tanks and cups are vessels that hold paints or coatings for use with spray guns, applicators, and atomizers.

Pipettes and Tips

(284 companies)
Pipettes and tips are used to deliver a known quantity of solution to a vessel. They are either of the classical style (glass) or digital.

Coating and Spray Booths

(197 companies)
Coating and spray booths are enclosures used to contain spray coating processes such as painting, powder coating, thermal spraying, and other deposition methods. This category includes hoods, cabinets, tunnels and similar enclosures

Balls and Sphere Shapes

(212 companies)
Balls and sphere shapes are used in products that require a spherical component. Examples include bearings, ball screws, valves, flow meters, and gages. Balls and sphere shapes are made from materials such as glass, metals, plastics, and ceramics.


(436 companies)
Hoppers are used for the temporary storage of materials. They are designed so that stored material can be dumped or fed to a process easily.

Sink Faucets

(359 companies)
Sink faucets are fixtures for drawing or regulating the flow of a liquid, especially from a pipe.
Respirators and Dust Masks protect the wearer from inhalation of harmful contaminants.

Food Additives

(459 companies)
Food additives include flavoring extracts, syrups, emulsifiers, anti-oxidants, fortifiers and other substances that are added to food products to enhance processing, texture, flavor or other characteristics.

Catalysts and Initiators

(373 companies)
Catalysts and initiators start or promote chemical reactions used to produce organic chemicals, polymers and adhesives.

Safety Labels and Signs

(298 companies)
Safety signs and warning signs consist of non-traffic-related notifying text, symbols and background. They are designed to inform the reader of a potential hazards or dangers and are usually printed on a rigid or semi-rigid material.

Pressure Regulators

(1,237 companies)
Pressure regulators are used to maintain a constant outlet pressure or flow.


(192 companies)
Vials are small glass bottles used for storage.