Boom Lifts

(119 companies)
Boom lifts have an articulating arm or telescopic extension for lifting materials or personnel.
Crane and rigging services rent or lease industrial cranes for steel, truss, or bridge girder erection; moving modular home sets or rooftop HVAC units; and other heavy hauling activities. Industrial cranes are used to lift heavy materials or items...

Platforms and Walkways

(401 companies)
...or reconfigure components. They are a more permanent alternative to scaffolding, scissor lifts, or bucket lifts, though they may be also be removable or reconfigurable. Many can be disassembled and reinstalled at a new location. These platforms...

Scissor Lifts

(214 companies)
Scissor lifts are devices that use a scissor-like mechanism to raise and lower a work platform. This item of material handling equipment conveys personnel and cargo in the vertical plane. Scissor lifts may be stationary, self-propelled, or vehicle mounted.

Lift Stations

(86 companies)
Lift stations contain pumps, valves, and electrical equipment necessary to pump water or wastewater from a low elevation to a high elevation.

Industrial Winches

(375 companies)
Hydraulic motors are powered by pressurized hydraulic fluid and transfer rotational kinetic energy. They have a high duty cycle. Gasoline powered engines are powered by gasoline and are convenient for portable applications. Motor. Advantages...

Lifting Slings

(341 companies)
Lifting slings are material handling accessories for load attachment to lifts, cranes, and hoists.
Some of the more notable features include: Shelving: Layered shelving units may be adjusted or removed to alter a cart's carrying capacity. Tilting shelves will allow easy access and unloading. Lift: A scissor or piston mechanism allows the load...

Lift Tables

(383 companies)
Lift tables are devices used to elevate cumbersome materials or workpieces to an ergonomic and reachable height. Capacity, mobility, and elevation are some of the main factors determining its capabilities.
...within a building. Elevators are transport devices that are used to lift people and goods vertically up and down, from one floor to another. Because of handicap air access laws, elevators are often legally required in multi-story buildings. Elevators...
Handheld computers are portable devices including notebook and subnotebook computers, palmtops, and PDAs.

Lifting Columns

(20 companies)
Lifting columns are self-supporting, telescopic actuators for lifting and height adjustment.
Ground protection mats and portable roadways are temporary material installations that reduce damage to underlying surfaces from traffic and also provide better traction for equipment and individuals.

Vacuum Lifters

(138 companies)
Vacuum lifters are types of lifting equipment that incorporate a vacuum as or as part of the lifting mechanism. They consist of a below-the-hook frame with a large vacuum pad or several smaller suction cups for grabbing large sheets, rolls, plates, or other smooth-surfaced products.

Electrical Power Generators

(1,011 companies)
...for either permanent installation or packaged for ease of portability. Typically, portable gensets are smaller units while large units are mounted in a fixed location. Portable generators may be frame mounted, include an integral trailer, lifting hook...