Filtration system and filter repair services inspect, refurbish, repair, and clean filtration systems, tramp oil separators, centrifuges, coolant recycling units, coalescers, lubricant recovery systems, wash water clarifiers, and filtration components. This work ensures filtration systems meet a minimum contamination standard.
Shower and eye washing stations are used for hand washing and emergency eye and body washing in laboratory, industrial or factory environments.

Water Valves

(584 companies)
Water valves are designed to handle and control hot water, cold water, ground water, potable water, salt water and/or wastewater. They are made from metal or plastic.

Water Heaters

(418 companies)
Water heaters are gas, oil or electric-fired devices used to heat water for residential and commercial use.

Oil and Water Separators

(410 companies)
Oil and water separators (oil-water separators, oil water separators) are remediation devices that separate oil from water and/or wastewater. This product area includes both aboveground and underground systems for the containment and treatment of oil-contaminated water.
Shower basins, surrounds, and stalls are products used in the construction of showers. Basins are the collection reservoir for shower run-off, surrounds are the waterproof panels which contain shower overspray within the designated area, and stalls are shower units which contain both the basin and surrounds.
Water quality testing instruments are used to test water for chemical and biological agents, and to measure variables such as clarity and rate of movement.

Water Coolers

(70 companies)
Water coolers provide a chilled, conditioned and/or filtered water source.
Chemical water treatment equipment mitigates the formation of scale, calcium carbonate deposits, in process water systems such as cooling towers, boilers and heat exchangers by controlled chemical addition and system monitoring.
Water jetting equipment and water blasters direct high pressure (10,000+ psi) streams of water against a surface to clean or cut the material.
Water and Wastewater Systems Integrators design, engineer and build wastewater systems for applications that range from small industrial systems to large scale municipal systems.
...include general purpose, gas manifolds, pneumatic or compressed air, pneumatic or vacuum manifolds, water manifolds, steam manifold, marine manifolds, coolant manifold, refrigerant manifolds, cryogenic, high temperature, hydraulic fluid, oil manifold...
Water utilities and sewer utilities provide water for commercial, residential and industrial end users. They also receive "used" water and treat/ process it. Often these are municipal entities.

Oil in Water Monitors

(73 companies)
Oil in water monitors are used to detect the presence of hydrocarbons in water.

Solar Water Heaters

(196 companies)
Solar water heaters concentrate the sun 's thermal energy to heat water for industrial, commercial, and residential use. There are two main types of products: active and passive.