Pup Joints

(38 companies)
Pup joints are non-standard lengths of piping used to adjust the height of full length tubing, drill pipe, line pipe, or casing strings.

Waveguide Rotary Joints

(16 companies)
Waveguide rotary joints (WRJ) are waveguide components used to transmit microwave energy from stationary lines to rotating lines. They are also known as rotating couplers and RF rotary joints.
Constant velocity (CV) joints are mechanical power transmission components that provide rotational power at various angles. They provide the same output velocity in relation to the input velocity, independent of the angle they are operated at.
Caulk, grout and joint compounds are used to fill joints, level surfaces and seal or repair cracks.
Fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ) are the optical equivalent of electrical slip rings. They enable uninterrupted transmission of an optical signal while rotating along the fiber axis.

RF Rotary Joints

(23 companies)
Radio frequency (RF) rotary joints are electro-mechanical devices that provide crucial interfaces between stationary and rotating sections of radar and other rotating systems.

Hose Reels

(424 companies)
Articulated industrial hose is made of rigid hose sections that are constructed with "joints" that can be swiveled, positioned, or articulated. Multi-element hose consists of multiple hoses that are formed or adhered together in a flat, ribbon...

Slip Rings

(100 companies)
...transmission, radio transmission, etc. Configuration, performance and features are important specifications to consider when searching for slip rings. Configuration. Important configuration parameters include hardware configuration, slip ring...

Lifting Slings

(341 companies)
...components include sling swivels, jointed components that allow the sling to turn or swivel while lifting. A sling swivel is constructed of two metal loops connected by a free-moving cylinder that allows the loops to pivot. Swivel joints keep chains...

Hand Clamps

(435 companies)
...to weld an assembly in a frame. A vise grip is used to hold the work or job for assembly, forming, welding, machining, and inspection. An adjustable band is a band that can be adjusted to hold hardware of various shapes and sizes. Thus hand clamps which...

Hoist Rings

(119 companies)
Hoist rings are load-centering eyebolts. They are designed to be rigged from the center or the side and may pivot or swivel.

Pulley Blocks

(129 companies)
Pulley blocks are assemblies that consist of a hook or shackle, swivel, bearing, sheaves, sprockets, pins and frame. They are suspended by a hoisting rope or load chain and are designed for a variety of lifting applications.

Boxes and Crates

(229 companies)
Boxes and crates are rigid, typically square or rectangular containers that may include a cover. They are used for all types of handling and storage applications.


(557 companies)
Casters are complete wheel and horn assemblies that attach to the bottom of equipment to allow movement and carry loads. There are two basic types of casters: rigid and swivel.
Industrial handles and industrial pulls are hardware components that are grasped by hand and manipulated to perform a service.