Six-axis force and torque sensors measure the full six components of force and torque: vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer, and torque movements.

Calibration Instruments

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...include weight and mass standards, chemical standards, calibration gases, hardness test blocks, and time and frequency standards. Calibration instruments are specific to the type of instrument requiring calibration. For example, a pH meter requires a pH...

Glass Blocks

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Glass blocks or bricks are architectural products that allow light to pass through, while also providing a level of privacy or obscuration.

Pillow Block Bearings

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Pillow block bearings are mounted bearings that are used to provide load support for a rotating shaft 's axis.

DC Blocks

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DC blocks prevent the flow of direct current (DC) through radio frequency (RF) circuits. They serve as high-pass filters that prevent DC voltages, which have a frequency of zero Hertz (Hz), from interfering with sensitive RF components such as receivers. In other words, DC blocks are capacitors in series with a transmission line. They prevent the flow of DC energy while allowing RF signals to pass with little (if any) attenuation.

PCB Terminal Blocks

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PCB terminal blocks are modular, insulated devices that mount on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and secure two or more wires together. Some have integral pin terminals and mount through holes in the board. Others plug into PCB-mounted pin strips.

Stone Blocks and Slabs

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Stone blocks and slabs are pieces of natural rock formations that are used in sculptures and as building materials. Types include marble, granite, sandstone, slate, limestone, quartzite, bidasar, travertine and onyx.
Torque limiters and slip clutches automatically slip or disengage the clutch at a predetermined torque.


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...being turned during assembly, but are positioned or released by torqueing a nut. Screws are externally threaded fasteners that can be inserted into pretapped holes or can perforate a material and create their own internal threads. Screws are fastened...

Constant Force Springs

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...springs that spin conversely at the same rate. The sum of the torques and opposing rotations offer stable extension at long deflections. Cavity mounting is an inexpensive mounting method, but does not feature a stop or brake. This high-friction design may...


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The external threads on the screw can either mate with an internally threaded nut or hole, or cut its way into a soft material. Screws are inserted via torque applied--in a clockwise manner--to the head with a screw drive. Find Screws by Specification or See...
...for calibrating instruments and comparing materials and components. Gage blocks, balls, and rings provide dimensional standards for calibration. Gage blocks, a common form of calibration standards and reference sources, are available in several shapes...
...joints, engine blocks, engine heads, transmission components, brake rotors, flywheels and other vehicle parts. Grinders and grinding machines are used in the manufacture of medical devices, ceramics, glass, plastics, composites, semiconductors...

Shims and Shim Stock

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...such as setting blocks, spacers, and shims). Shims and shim stock can be designed to meet specific industry requirements, such as the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specification for filled-resin compound shims (SAE AMS3726C). DIN 65553 covers...


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A malleable-metal lead shield allows machine screw anchors to compensate for uneven or irregular hole / roundness conditions. Screw anchors - Screw anchors (drop-in anchors) are used in concrete and solid block materials. Upon installation, four surfaces...