Roller Bearings

(541 companies)
Roller bearings are used in rotary applications to replace sliding movement with low friction, rolling motion. The principal types of roller bearings are cylindrical, spherical, and tapered.
Multi-axis positioning systems make use of linear, rotary and goniometric stages, slides and drives in various combinations to create standard and custom positioning systems.

Electrical Brushes

(48 companies)
Electrical brushes are used in conjunction with slip rings, commutators, or other contact surfaces to maintain electrical connections in rotary and linear sliding contact applications. They require very good frictional characteristics combined with high to moderate conductivity.

Microscope Stages

(75 companies)
Microscope stages are platforms where specimens are placed for observation with a microscope. They are often equipped with a mechanical device which holds the specimen slide in place, but allows the back-and-forth and side-to-side movement of the slide.


(274 companies)
Calipers typically use a precise slide movement for inside, outside, depth or step measurements. Some caliper types are used for comparing or transferring dimensions.

Cabinets and Casework

(695 companies)
...are attached against a wall. They may include sliding glass doors or glass back with removable stops. General-purpose storage cabinets are also available with different types of doors. They may feature angled shelves and an integral or separate dust panel...

Rotary Stages

(139 companies)
Rotary positioning stages are devices with tables or shafts that may be rotated to any angular position. They may be driven or simple slides.
Accordion bellows and protective boots are convoluted, expandable, fabric or elastomer components used to protect screws, shafts, slide ways and other components from liquid, chips, dirt and other debris.

Knobs (industrial)

(334 companies) an enlarged head to facilitate easy pushing. They are often used as drawer pulls or lid knobs. An assortment of push-pull knobs. Image credit: Dimco Gray. Spinner Knobs. Spinner knobs are large, round knobs with flat heads. They are designed...


(37 companies)
Zippers are temporary fasteners consisting of two strips of fabric each with tens or hundreds of specially shaped plastic or metal teeth. A slider joins the two sides by pushing the teeth together as it rides along the two sets of teeth.
Plain bearings and sleeve bearings (also referred to as bushings or journal bearings) are used to constrain, guide or reduce friction in rotary or linear applications. They function via a sliding action.

Sinks (washbasins)

(213 companies)
...or a drain to initiate water pooling. Mounting options for sinks include self-rimming, undermount, drop-in, and pedestal styles. Sometimes washbasins feature one or more dividers so the sink can contain items which should separated. Sinks are made from...
Industrial handles and industrial pulls are hardware components that are grasped by hand and manipulated to perform a service.
...arms products include computer accessories (e.g., keyboard drawer, mouse tray, glare screen, wrist rest, and monitor support arm) and workstation accessories (e.g., instrumentation booms, articulating supports, foot rests, chairs, document stands...

Presses (metalworking)

(532 companies)
Industrial presses (metalworking) use a ram to shear, punch, form or assemble metal or other material by means of cutting, shaping, or combination dies attached to slides. Examples include die cutting machines, forming and bending machines, punch presses, shop presses, sheet metal equipment, stamping presses, and wire forming machines.