Coating and Spray Booths

(197 companies)
Coating and spray booths are enclosures used to contain spray coating processes such as painting, powder coating, thermal spraying, and other deposition methods. This category includes hoods, cabinets, tunnels and similar enclosures

RF Transceivers

(257 companies)
RF transceivers are electronic devices that receive and demodulate an RF signal, then modulate and transmit a new signal.

RF Receivers

(274 companies)
RF receivers are electronic devices that enable a particular radio signal to be separated from all others being received and converted into a format for video, voice, or data.

Modular Enclosures

(120 companies)
Modular enclosures consist of smaller components that can be assembled to create custom enclosures, often for temporary or mobile systems. These modular components are available in standard sizes and allow modular enclosures to be used for a variety of purposes.

RF Frequency Converters

(177 companies)
RF frequency converters are integrated component assemblies required for converting microwave signals to lower (or intermediate) or higher frequency range for further processing.
Touch screen controllers are circuits that interface between a touch screen sensor and the device the sensor is used to control.

Dock Equipment

(449 companies)
Dock equipment covers all items that assist in the loading and unloading of materials from trucks to buildings. Dock equipment categories include dock boards, dock bumpers, dock seals, dock levelers, dock lights, dock shelters, dock doors, dock restraints, dock guides, and dock chocks.


(27 companies)
Eyelets are metal, plastic, or rubber rings that are inserted into a hole made through another material. Eyelets may be used to reinforce the hole or to shield something from the sharp edges of the hole.

Air Knives

(40 companies)
Air Knives are pressurized air plenums containing a series of holes or continuous slots through which pressurized air exits in a laminar flow pattern. The exit air velocity then creates an impact air velocity that can range from a gentle breeze to a powerful stream.
Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are the control hubs for a wide variety of automated systems and processes. They use a wide variety of inputs and outputs and provide network capability.

Serial Interfaces

(140 companies)
Serial interfaces are used to connect or convert an analog signal to a serial-digital output signal, and to convert from one network standard to another.

Welding Accessories

(611 companies)
...with grommets and an overhead pole or beam in the same manner as a shower curtain. Welding curtains are typically flame-retardant due to the high heat of the process. Welding booths and curtains may be combined into one setup. For example, the booth...


(99 companies)
Glazing is a transparent part of a wall structure and is usually made of glass or plastic.
Eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment is to install eyelets and grommets. Devices can be manually, electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically-actuated; and consist of handheld tools, benchtop presses, or floor-standing machines.

Programming Languages

(301 companies)
Programming languages provide the commands, grammar and syntax for instructing digital devices and computers to perform specific tasks.