Environmental products include waste remediation equipment, recycling equipment, wastewater and water treatment equipment.

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Bar Screens (37 suppliers)

Bar screens are automated, mechanical systems that remove large solids from water streams. Objects include cans, rags, sticks, driftwood, and plastic packaging.
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Chemical water treatment equipment mitigates the formation of scale, calcium carbonate deposits, in process water systems such as cooling towers, boilers and heat exchangers by controlled chemical addition and system monitoring.
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Desalination equipment is used to remove salts and other minerals from water or soils, typically for drinking water, oilfield, and process separation applications.
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Electric and magnetic water filters use electrical charging and magnetic energy to treat water and wastewater.
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Incinerators (75 suppliers)

Incinerators are used for burning organic material, gases, fumes, hazardous waste, and municipal trash or sewage sludge at a high temperature, sometimes to produce energy.
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Wastewater Pumps (473 suppliers)

Wastewater pumps are used in the collection of sewage, effluent, drainage and seepage water.
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Wastewater treatment equipment is used to treat, remediate, and process effluent wastewater.
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