Oil country tubular goods (OCTG) are seamless rolled or welded pipe and tube products that are used for drilling and well completion activities.

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Casing (borehole) (64 suppliers)

Casing is a large diameter pipe that is lowered and cemented in place in order to line the borehole of an open well.
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Drill Collars (62 suppliers)

Drill collars are a component of the drill string that makes up part of the bottom hole assembly (BHA). They are thicker-walled, heavier, and more rigid than drill pipes and are primarily used to weigh down the drill bit while dampening vibration and impact forces.
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Drill Pipe (91 suppliers)

Drill pipe is hollow, thick-walled piping used on drilling rigs to transmit drilling fluid and torque through the wellbore to the drill bit.
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Pup Joints (38 suppliers)

Pup joints are non-standard lengths of piping used to adjust the height of full length tubing, drill pipe, line pipe, or casing strings.
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Rotary Kellys (22 suppliers)

Rotary kellys are splined or polygonal sections of pipe that mate with the drill string and are driven by the rotary table of a drill rig in order to apply torque to the drill string.
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Rotary Subs (25 suppliers)

Rotary subs are short sections of API certified threaded pipe used for crossover connections, tool handling, lifting, or other specialty application related to the making and breaking of the drill string.
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