Aerospace products and equipment includes parts, machinery, tools, instruments, and systems for airplanes, gliders, helicopters, spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and other aircraft.

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Aerospace Bearings (89 suppliers)

Aerospace bearings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of aircraft control and aerospace applications.
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Aerospace Contactors (12 suppliers)

Aerospace contactors are high-performance, high-capacity, circuit controls designed for aerospace applications.
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Aerostructures (46 suppliers)

Aerostructures include the constituent modules of an aircraft's airframe such as the fuselage, wings, empennage, flight control surfaces, nacelles, and pylons.
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Aircraft (100 suppliers)

Aircraft are machines that achieve flight through various methods of thrust and lift. They include a wide range of vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, gliders, airships, and balloons.
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Autopilots (40 suppliers)

Autopilots are a system used to guide a vehicle without assistance from a human being. Autopilots are used in aircraft, boats, space craft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), missiles, and others.
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Aviation transponders are electronic devices that generate and transmit a signal in response to receiving a radio frequency interrogation for the purposes of identifying aircraft for air traffic control and collision avoidance functions, as well as for IFF (identification friend or foe) military applications.
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Deicing and anti-icing equipment removes and prevents the buildup of snow, ice, or frost on the frames of aircraft by chemical, thermal, pneumatic, or electromechanical means.
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Flight Displays (39 suppliers)

Flight displays are specialized user interfaces that present aircraft flight data - airspeed, altitude, heading, etc. - to a pilot. They may also provide pertinent information such as weather radar, navigation route, and collision avoidance data.
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Flight management systems are multipurpose avionic computer systems that display navigational information and manage flight plans. They receive data from various sensors to interpret the position, heading, and speed of an aircraft and provide information regarding the aircraft's flight plan, destination, and logistics.
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Landing Gear (33 suppliers)

Landing gear, or undercarriages, serve as structural support for aircraft when stationed on the ground, and facilitate takeoff, taxiing, and landing. Tires are often used to allow motion, but floats, skis, and skids are also possible depending on the sur
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Parachutes (30 suppliers)

Parachutes are devices utilized to decelerate or stabilize objects, people, or vehicles in their travel through an atmosphere. They are most commonly constructed of high-strength fabric. These lightweight and low-volume instruments develop a large surface area and significant drag upon deployment.
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Satellites (38 suppliers)

Satellites are manmade objects placed in orbit above the Earth for a variety of civil, scientific, and military applications, such as communications, environmental monitoring, navigation, and reconnaissance.
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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as drones, are aircraft that are operated remotely or autonomously, without a human pilot on board.
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