Marine products and equipment are designed for use aboard boats and ships, on docks and piers, and in various saltwater and fresh water applications.

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Automatic identification systems (AISs) transmits location data about a vessel to other ships and coastal facilities. An AIS is required on large vessels, tankers, and some ships that operate in congested waters.
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Boats, ships and offshore vessels are used to transport products, materials, and personnel on oceans, lakes, rivers, and canals.
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Buoys and Floats (71 suppliers)

Buoys and floats are designed to float on the surface of a body of water, or are supported below the water’s surface to mark a location. They are used in marine navigation, boat mooring, nautical communications, and weather observation applications.
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Dredges (26 suppliers)

Dredges are machines or vessels equipped with scooping or suction devices that are used to remove material from under a body of water. They are commonly used to deepen harbors and waterways, waterfront and environmental restoration and in underwater mining applications.
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Marine Coatings (94 suppliers)

Marine coatings are waterproof, protective layers that are applied to surfaces exposed to or immersed in fresh, brackish, and/or salt water. They are used with boats, ships, ferries and other watercraft, as well as with marine structures such as offshore oil rigs.
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Marine Fenders (40 suppliers)

Marine fenders are used between marine vessels and docking structures to prevent damage during berthing. They are also used to protect ships during cargo transfers at sea.
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Remotely-operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) are underwater robots which are under the command of a surface-based controller. They perform industrial tasks of varying nature at depths of up to 13,000 feet.
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Speed Logs (27 suppliers)

Speed logs measure the transit speed of vessels.
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Thrusters (marine) (31 suppliers)

Thrusters (marine) are marine drive systems that are used for bow or stern watercraft maneuvering or as the primary propulsion drive system for watercraft.
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