Unclassified transportation includes equipment and products that are not specific to a single mode of transportation and may be used in automotive, marine, aerospace, or rail vehicles.

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Camshafts (14 suppliers)

Camshafts are shafts that contain cams either as an integral part of the shaft or that have been attached to the shaft. As the camshaft rotates, the cams act to actuate different functions - such as a valve opening or a switch closing - at predefined intervals.
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Carburetors (26 suppliers)

Carburetors are devices used to proportionally mix a fuel with air for a combustion process.
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Collision avoidance systems are designed to prevent or reduce the severity of vehicle collisions by providing aural and visual warnings to operators, or by proactively executing defensive maneuvers such as braking when a there is a possibility of collision.
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Fuel Injectors (16 suppliers)

Fuel injectors dispense a fuel mist into an engine and can be controlled to deliver precise amounts of fuel at specified time intervals.
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Seatbelts (13 suppliers)

Seatbelts are safety restraint belts that hold an occupant in a vehicle upon an impact to protect them from injury
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Spark Plugs (18 suppliers)

Spark plugs are used in engine cylinders to ignite the fuel in an internal combustion engine while withstanding high pressures and temperatures.
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Steering Wheels (17 suppliers)

Steering wheels are the most common manual interface to direct a vessel or vehicle. They are integral devices that control the orientation of the vehicle's directional mechanism, such as a rudder or rack-and-pinion system.
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Tires (36 suppliers)

A tire is a reinforced rubber membrane located on a wheel rim. It improves traction, handling, and cushioning of the vehicles or equipment that it supports.
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Towbars (15 suppliers)

Towbars are devices used between a tow vehicle and a vehicle or aircraft being towed. They are fabricated to withstand the pushback forces of the item being towed.
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Windshield Wipers (14 suppliers)

Windshield wipers are flexible blades used to push precipitation off of a vehicle's windshield. The blades are pushed over the surface of the windshield in an action that continually sweeps moisture off to improve operator vision.
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Windshields, windscreens and vehicle windows provide visibility for personnel inside aerospace, marine, roadway, and railway vehicles while protecting occupants from oncoming rain, insects and debris.
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