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The History of Road Safety

The simple fact is that there is no freedom to travel safely in America. And this has always been the case.

Like many pioneering inventions of the late 1800s, the automobile was introduced into an environment with no regulations to guide its design or use. Vehicles were sold to anyone who had the money to purchase one, and there was no formal training. There was no infrastructure in the beginning; the roads that did exist were mainly for horse-driven carriages. Eventually, driving laws such as speed limits were introduced, but by and large they were ignored. In fact, safety precautions in general were ignored, and both drivers and pedestrians were blamed for crashes. It took decades before any real movement was made toward initiating standards of safety on our growing roadway system.

Most of the improvements that were made were vehemently opposed by industries powerful enough to simply ignore the problems. It's important to note that those in power only considered solutions after it was made clear that the public demanded them.

A brief study of the history of vehicle safety indicates that there have been some short-lived periods of dramatic increases and decreases in...

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