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The fighting in Lebanon is already triggering debate in Israel about the division of missions between its air force and army. The combat also revealed classified technology that Tel Aviv kept under wraps prior to the simultaneous conflicts with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Analysis of the conflict is being rushed because many believe the United Nations cease-fire will not last long. Both U.S. and Israeli military officials doubt that U.N. or Lebanese troops can disarm Hezbollah; this means a continuation of the fighting is inevitable.

"The cease-fire is not in Israel's interest," a Pentagon official says. "Hezbollah will use it to rearm and redeploy."

"I absolutely agree," says a retired Israeli air force general. "They are preparing for the second round of fighting, which will start soon."

Hezbollah officials were saying last week, within days of the cease-fire, that they would not withdraw or disarm without extended negotiations with the Lebanese government--of which, they contend, their organization is a part. That stance indicates Hezbollah will try to shed its title of a "state within a state" and will present its militant wing as a legitimate Lebanese military force. It would justify retaining its arms as the only way to protect southern Lebanon from Israel, since the country's regular military is too weak to do so. The U.N. force being assembled to police the area will not be authorized to disarm Hezbollah.

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