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After Northwest resumed commercial service to Gulfport-Biloxi Airport yesterday, other carriers also announced their start dates for flights to Gulfport.

AirTran has scheduled one daily flight from Atlanta to Gulfport, beginning Sept. 13, and a second from Oct. 5. The airline said it will "work closely with the Gulfport [airport officials] to assess demand and put flights back into the area as needed." Delta said it will resume flights on Sunday, and Continental on Tuesday.

Gulfport suffered considerable damage from Hurricane Katrina, and until yesterday only relief flights had been allowed to land there. Before the hurricane, AirTran had four daily flights to Gulfport, Delta seven, Continental up to five and Northwest three. Northwest yesterday resumed two of the Gulfport flights between Gulfport and Memphis, but the third is still canceled because it requires crews to overnight in Gulfport, where hotel rooms are scarce.

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FAA and airport staff yesterday managed to open two runways at New Orleans and one at Gulfport-Biloxi to aid evacuation and relief efforts, but there is no immediate prospect of commercial operations...

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