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Raytheon Co. and EADS North America have set up a partnership to compete for a contract to produce the U.S. Army's Future Cargo Aircraft, Raytheon said May 10.

Raytheon's Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) business and the EADS CASA North America business unit will lead the effort, Raytheon said.

FCA would provide the Army with a new fixed-wing transport aircraft capable of rapid-response intratheater missions with cargo, equipment and soldiers, as well as medevac duties and airdrop delivery, Raytheon said.

If it wins the contract, Raytheon said it would provide FCA program management, mission systems integration and mission support. EADS CASA North America would assemble and deliver the FCA in the United States.

"This team, with its combination of international, world-class expertise in mission systems integration, production and mission support, offers the best, no-risk solution for the Army's intratheater transport," Jack Kelble, president of Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, said in a statement.

The Army is completing its requirements for the FCA and expects to release a request for proposals in 2006, with an award in 2007 (DAILY, Nov. 11, 2004).

L-3 Communications of New York and Italy's Alenia Aeronautica in February announced a joint venture to produce and support the C-27J military transport aircraft and pursue the FCA work (DAILY, Feb. 16).

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