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Concerned that two-thirds of all general aviation accidents in instrument meteorological conditions are fatal, the National Transportation Safety Board last week recommended that the Federal Aviation Administration strengthen weather training requirements and improve weather information distributed to pilots. The safety board's recommendations stem from a study the agency conducted on risks of weather-related GA accidents that involved a review of 72 accidents that occurred between April 2003 and April 2004.

NTSB found a link between knowledge and practical test failures and the risk of being involved in weather-related accidents. NTSB also found that a pilot could incorrectly answer all weather-related questions on an airman knowledge test and still pass the test. The study further revealed that a pilot with a history of being involved in accidents or incidents is at greater risk of being involved in a weather-related accident. NTSB concluded that periodic training and evaluation may be necessary to ensure pilots maintain appropriate weather-related knowledge and skills.

NTSB recommended that FAA require the pilot biennial flight review to include recognizing critical weather situations both from the ground and in flight, obtaining and using weather reports and forecasts, determining fuel requirements, and planning for alternatives when unfavorable weather is encountered.

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