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The military services are considering a proposal from F-35 Joint Strike Fighter builder Lockheed Martin for a suite of JSF pilot training simulators ranging from traditional high-fidelity cockpit trainers down to applications that could run on laptop PCs.

Rapid improvements in commercial computer and gaming technology are allowing for certain training tasks to be offloaded onto cheaper, off-the-shelf simulators, according to Lorraine Martin, vice president of flight solutions for Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support.

"You can use that whole range of training media, training devices ... to get more cost-effective, rapid training results than if we just focused singularly on a high-end training device," she told The DAILY. "The technology is available now to do a lot of very [high] quality experience training on PC-based systems."

Lockheed Martin will undergo a preliminary design review for its JSF pilot training program in November. The company recently delivered to the services a proposed syllabus for pilot training and maintenance, covering the conventional takeoff and landing and short takeoff and vertical landing variants that will be delivered in the first two low-rate initial production blocks, starting in October 2009.

The syllabus contains suggested trainer technologies for each task a pilot must master, ranging from high-end to low-end hardware.

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