Check Point NG/AI: Next Generation with Application Intelligence Security Administration

Uninstalling Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 NG AI on Solaris

When you uninstall Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 NG from Solaris, it is recommended that you make a full system backup before you begin. If you only need to back up the firewall configuration, then you should make a backup of /opt/CP* and /var/opt/CP* directories. If you are removing a primary management server, then the first time you run pkgrm, the removal will fail. Check Point does this on purpose to ensure that you do not unintentionally delete your management module without understanding that you will not be able to restore SIC to its current state after you remove it.


When you remove the Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 software from your system, you will lose all configuration data. The uninstall process deletes all files and directories.

Uninstalling VPN-1 & FireWall-1

When you uninstall the firewall, you should remove the Check Point installed packages using the pkgrm program available on your Solaris system. The components should be removed in the following order:

  1. Check Point VPN-1 & FireWall-1 NG

  2. Check Point SVN Foundation NG

You can remove the management clients package at any time, but the order in which you remove the two packages listed above is important. Follow the steps below to completely uninstall all Check Point products from your Solaris platform. You may wish to run the command pkginfo to see which Check Point packages you have installed before you start. The packages you are going to uninstall are listed in...