From Worldwide Destinations: The Geography of Travel and Tourism, Fourth Edition

Chapter List

Chapter 1: An introduction to the geography of travel and tourism
Chapter 2: The geography of demand for tourism
Chapter 3: The geography of resources for tourism
Chapter 4: Climate and tourism
Chapter 5: The geography of transport for travel and tourism

Learning Objectives

After reading this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define and use the terms leisure, recreation and tourism and understand their interrelationships.

  • Distinguish between the different forms of tourism and the relationship of different types of tourist with the environment.

  • Appreciate the importance of scale in explaining patterns of tourism.

  • Identify the three major geographical components of tourism tourist-generating areas, tourist-receiving areas and transit routes.

  • Explain the push and pull factors that give rise to tourist flows.

  • Appreciate the main methods used to measure tourist flows and be aware of their shortcomings.

Leisure, Recreation And Tourism

What exactly is meant by the terms leisure, recreation and tourism and how are they related? Leisure is often seen as a measure of time and usually means the time left over after work, sleep and personal and household chores have been completed (Figure 1.1). In other words, leisure time is free time for individuals to spend as they please. This does, however, introduce the problem of whether all free time is leisure. A good example of this dilemma is whether the unemployed feel that their free time is in fact 'enforced' leisure, or whether volunteers at a sporting event see their activity as 'serious leisure'.

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