From Learning to Think Strategically

In This Part

Chapter 1: Chronology of Strategy
Chapter 2: Contemporary Competing Views of Strategy Two Sides Face Off
Chapter 3: Implications of Strategic History for Strategic Learning

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.

Sun-tzu (4th century A.D.) Chinese military strategist


Developing organizational capability for strategic thinking can be one of the most significant contributions executives and managers can make to organizational performance. By developing a pipeline of strategic thinkers within the organization, companies can truly begin to realize human capital as a strategic asset and build sustainable organizational strategic capability.

Prior to discussing the learning aspect of strategic thinking, we will pause briefly to recollect notions of strategy from our past. Although this book focuses on the learning aspect of thinking strategically, this preliminary overview of strategy is provided in order to familiarize readers with an historical backdrop against which Western strategy evolved. The learning dimension of strategic thinking is vital to address because learning is generative in nature and it enables us to be adaptive and innovative. In turn, this leads to organizational sustainability and, ultimately, has the potential of creating winning strategies.

Part I frames organizational strategy within a historical context, focusing on a learning perspective. Curiously, we ll see that everything old is new again or at least current trends in organizational strategy thinking are not incompatible with strategy concepts of ancient Western...

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Topics of Interest

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