From Value-based Human Resource Strategy: Developing Your Consultancy Role

Chapter List

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Links of HR Strategy and Corporate Strategy
Chapter 3: Linking HR and Corporate Strategy: Dyson Appliances
Chapter 4: Organizational Scenarios
Chapter 5: HR Strategy and Competitive Strategy at Marks & Spencer


Human Resource (HR) strategy is now widely recognized as being an important and perhaps essential way of developing organizations to meet increased competitive challenges. Yet many managers (including HR managers) have only a broad, and at times vague, notion of what it actually is.

Even fewer managers have much of an idea of how to derive an HR strategy, and of how it will be used and in practice, an even higher proportion have only the vaguest concept of how it can add value, especially in economic terms.

HR strategy thus seems currently to fall into the category of being a nice-to-have management process. In many companies it appears to fall into the zone of MBO ( Management by Ornaments ), its role being principally to make HR departments feel more comfortable about their direction and position, or as something to tick off as done by the Chief Executive.

Indeed, the very assumption that HR strategy is principally owned by HR departments is itself something to be challenged. In this book we take the view that HR strategy is not something to be owned solely or primarily by HR departments, but rather by senior line management collectively. The HR department s role is therefore to facilitate its development and...

Products & Services
Human Resources Services
Human resources services administer a company’s employee policies, compensation plans, and benefits such as vacation time and health insurance. They may also evaluate management performance and oversee employee relations.
Human Resources Software
Human resources software is used to help recruit applicants, hire and train employees, administer employee benefits, and manage both part-time and full-time personnel.
Staffing and Recruiting Services
Staffing and recruiting services provide workers on a temporary or permanent basis.
Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software supports the entire business process. Typically, ERP consists of modules such as marketing and sales, field service, production, inventory control, procurement, distribution, human resources (HR), etc.
Information Technology (IT) Staffing Services
Information technology (IT) staffing services provide temporary or permanent workers who troubleshoot and repair computers, operate help desks, and support voice and data networks.

Topics of Interest

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Introduction Throughout this book we have stressed that organizational mind-set plays a major role in competitive success, and that it should be a central focus for HR strategy. One of the potential...

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Overview By now you will, hopefully, have had an opportunity to reflect on how influential a role HR can play in helping to build the organisation s capabilities in the area of managing knowledge.

Introduction In this penultimate chapter, we focus on the corporate-level drivers of people management, reputations and brands in our introductory model from Chapter 1. These are corporate strategy,...