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We study here another class of error locating codes, namely Single-bit Error Correcting
and Single e-bit (within a b-bit byte) Error Locating codes, or SEC-Se/bEL codes.

9.4.1   Code Conditions and Bounds

Let Es be the error set consisting of all single-bit errors, and let Ei(Ej) be the set of e
or fewer bits errors in the i( j)-th byte excluding single-bit errors, where e < b and b is
the byte length. Thus Ei Ç Es = Ej Ç Es = φ for all ij, where f is the empty set. The
following theorem describes the necessary and sufficient conditions that characterize
SEC-Se/bEL codes.

Theorem 9.10   A linear code, described by the parity-check matrix H, corrects all
errors in Es and locates all errors in Ei, or Ej , where i ≠ j, if and only if:

where HT means the transpose of H.

Proof   It is apparent that conditions 1 and...

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